Los Angeles. You hear the name and you think of Hollywood, city streets and skyscrapers. But there’s much more to the Californian city than that. there’s actually lots of fun outdoor activities you can take part in on your holiday to LA. We run down some of the best things to do on your trip to Los Angeles. The Venice Boardwalk is a wacky beach front walk, officially called Ocean Front Walk. You can meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people down here, from old-school skates, hair braiders and reiki healers, hoola hoopers, snake charmers and more. If you like a bit of tribal drumming, get down on a Sunday afternoon for the drum circle. Do you want to see the stars? Don’t let the glare of city lights put you off. Way up above Los Feliz, you can explore space through the powerful telescopes at Griffith Observatory if you fancy a more celestial trip.

There’s so much to see and do in Los Angeles, you’ll want to go back again and again. You can get cheap flights to Los Angeles and spend a couple of weeks trying to take it all in, as there simply is just so much for you do there, no matter how active you want to be..

  • If you want your activities to be high speed and high thrill then a visit to Six Flags should keep you occupied for a while. There are seven crazy roller-coasters including Tatsu, APOCALYPSE, BATMAN The Ride, X2, GREEN LANTERN: First Flight, SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton and Road Runner Express.
  • If you want to exercise while you’re visiting the city, then you can find some more unconventional ways to do it than just hitting the gym. Sand Dune park has 100ft sand dunes, and you might even see a couple of Lakers using them to work out their quads. Watch out, they’re bigger than they look from the bottom.
  • If you want to visit the wilderness after the wild parties in LA, a trip to Franklin Canyon. It’s open as long as the sun is in the sky, and has a nature centre, a lake and duck pond. It’s free to go too, so you can have a day off from the expense of the city.
  • If you are more of a beach bunny, then you’ll fit right in in LA. From the people watching a Venice Beach, the high rollers at Manhattan Beach, or the traditional Santa Monica beach with its pier attractions there’s something for every sort of sand lover.