Affordable Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

I cannot believe we have just 7 Friday’s to shop before Christmas is here! That may seem a bit far off to many of you, but to the avid shopper like myself, it is not much time at all! I love to give gifts that I have not only put a lot of though into, but are interesting as well. Over the past several months, we have been making many changes in our home to become more eco-friendly. Some of these have been pretty easy like recycling and some take more effort, like saving on electricity. So it just made sense I would go for a more eco friendly slant when it came ot this years gifts. Giving green gifts can be a clever and unique way to go this year, with many options available. You may think they can be expensive and hard to find, but that is just not true. Here are just a few ideas for you!

5 Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

5 Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

  1. Recycled Rubber Gifts: There are a ton of cool household items you can find for less than $50 made from recycled rubber that would make a fun gift. One of my favorites is a doormat made from recycled flip flops!
  2. Soap Nuts: These are super cool and are exactly what they sound like. These are nuts from the soapberry tree and get your clothes just as clean and last twice as long as traditional laundry soap.
  3. Herbs: I love giving living things when I can, especially when they can be useful. A set of small pots with fresh herbs are a great gift.
  4. Organic Wine: This is a gift item which is gaining popularity, and no wonder when it sells for just $7 per bottle and tastes great!
  5. Reusable swab: Awesome Gift Idea for those who want to take care of our planet and our healthy future. LastObject introduces a perfect reusable alternative to single-use swabs, which you can use over 1000 times. You just need to wash your swab with water and soap then you use it again. So that’s why it’s super easy to deal with LastSwab.
  6. Cardboard Gifts: I love giving gifts made from 100% recycled cardboard. I have a ton of these items in my home including a dresser, storage cubes, bookcase and decorative items. One of my favorite stores to find the most unique and cleverly designed cardboard gifts would be Cardboard Safari.

CB safari

For the most part, my family and I have a pretty good sense of humor. We tend to lean towards a more biting, sarcastic and off the cuff sense of humor. So, it would just make sense that we would like to receive gifts that were not something you expect. That is why I love Cardboard Safari so much, because they have such whimsical and fun products. They fit perfectly into the affordable eco friendly gift ideas category! Their home base is at the foot of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia. They have seamlessly made a connection between imagination and fabrication, creating cool sculptural forms made from 100% recycled cardboard.

We received two items from Cardboard Safari and I could not be happier with them. I must say this is the perfect example of how something looks so much cuter in person. We received the Safari TV iPad stand, which Caitlin took immediately for herself and sells for just $30 on the Cardboard Safari website. It is made from 100% recycled cardboard and is laser cut to make putting it together a breeze. It is compatible with Pad®, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2 and fits into virtually any decor.

safari tv

We also received Robbie Jr., the Rhino animal bust in the floral pattern. This is my favorite and sells for just $40, which makes it perfect for an affordable gift. It too is laser cut and is super easy to put together. You can also purchase a variety of items from Cardboard Safari including cardboard rockets, tables, framed scenes, games and more. Be sure to follow Cardboard Safari on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. One USA reader will win one Safari TV iPad stand and $50 Safari store credit.

Which of the affordable eco friendly gift  ideas from Cardboard Safari is your favorite?