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I like affordable, but I like quality. Two things that are hard to find in an affordable web designer. When looking for a customized web site designer, you want someone who will listen to what you want and be able to translate that into a good looking piece of art. I think Jodi did a great job of doing just that. This is my new header for my wickedly awesome brand spanking new web design by Nifty Creations by Jodi. Click on the picture to take you to see the whole site. It is so cute!

I was really hesitant to let someone else take the reigns and design one of my websites, but I did not have the time to properly put forth the effort that Sason & Pobi needed to make it look professional. I am one of those people who is a danger to herself and thinks I can learn everything there is to know to be able to do it myself. Customized web-design takes a lot of work and time and effort! Three things I do not have right now, so I thought I would give Nifty Creations by Jodi a whirl.

I gave her basic information of what kinds of things I like, colors, frogs, my kids, playfulness, etc.; and she did the best job of capturing exactly a design I would pick out of a book, except it was made for me and unique! I love the attention that she paid to the little things like adding a butterfly because she knows I like them from Makobi Scribe or matching her advertising button to my color scheme!

Web Design Packages

Nifty Creations by Jodi has several WordPress and Blogger Packages as well as services a la carte. You can be sure to see a change on Makobi Scribe shortly with a design by Jodi. I love her work so much, I am hiring her to do this site. Her web design packages are certainly affordable, and you can even find free designs and templates. In addition to her affordable web design services, you can also have buttons and signature lines made.

Not Just Any Customized Website Design – Fully Customized Experience

When she had finished my header, it was too big for my taste and she redesigned it smaller for me in a really short time. You could tell that what I wanted meant a lot to her and that she strived for my experience with her company to be a good one. From the beginning to the end, she always had what I wanted in my which is sometmes hard for a designer to do. I felt she really took the time to lsiten to me and find out my needs and wants and to meld her vision with mine.
Sason and Pobi
Another thing that really impressed me about Jodi, was that when my blog was up and ready to go, I had activated WP-cache, which was a no-no to Sason & Pobi and broke my blog! I could not get into my dash and IE crashed whenever you visited the site which we all know a blog is no good if you can’t post or view! Jodi saw the difficulties, and she spent the morning pouring over forums and codes trying to help me figure out the problem! That is a fully customized experience from beginning to end. So how do you like Sason and Pobi?
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At Nifty Creations by Jodi, no two clients are the same, so why should their design?  Tailoring a design to the client brings out the true personality you want reflected through your blog or website.

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