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Alarm Clocks for Kids

I recently met an artist that makes the sweetest alarm clocks for kids. Pamela Corwin is an artist from Washington State who has been in business since 1981.  She has transformed her acrylic and water color paintings into adorable wall clocks, alarm clocks, night lights, and glass magnets.  Pamela’s art has been featured in magazines like Seventeen and House Beautiful and in 1996 she was commissioned to paint an Easter egg for the White House!  How cool is it that you can have an item in your home that was created by the same artist who caught the attention of the President!!  Pamela said, “Art has always been the way I lose myself, calm myself, it is meditative for me. It comes more from a drive than a desire. I don’t know how not to do it. It’s as much what keeps me alive as food and oxygen”.

When it is time for school you can get your kids out of bed with alarm clocks or you can dump cold water on them!  Kidding!  I want to transition my kids from me waking them up to waking themselves up.   In  giving kids small tasks they are responsible for, they are better prepared for adulthood.  I have a friend who has three daughters (24, 19, 17) and she still makes their beds, does their laundry, cleans the table after they ate and I am pretty sure she cuts their food!  When her oldest got married, she didn’t know how to use the washing machine!

Childrens Alarm Clocks With Light

When it comes time to wake up your kids for school do you have as much trouble as I do?  I was looking for childrens alarm clocks with light. I love to sleep in and so do my kids, so it can be difficult to rouse them every morning.  Although he is physically 10, with his autism, TheHenMan is mentally closer to a 6 year old.  TheHenMan recently learned to tie his shoes and brush his teeth on his own (huge milestones for him), so I thought it would be good to get an alarm clock and teach him to wake up on his own.  Pamela sent me her dinosaur clock (Valued at $19.75) and it is the cutest thing!  Not only is the dinosaur right up TheHenMan’s alley, but there is a pterodactyl that moves with the second hand.  Needless to say, he was fascinated!  It is pure genius to make the second hand into an animal or bird because it compels your child to focus on how a clock and its parts work together to tell time.  I am happy to report that in the 5 days we have had the alarm clock, TheHenMan has used 3 mornings!  Baby steps, just take baby steps!

Thank you to Pamela for offering one lucky winner an alarm clock of their choice from Paper Scissors Rock (valued at $19.75)

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