All Decked OutAll Decked Out etsy shop sent me two embroidered Princess Purses to review. I was so thrilled and thankful to the owner Rebecca for including both of my girls, making them each feel like a princess. All Deck Out is an adorable children’s boutique found on etsy. This store offers a variety of purses in different styles and sizes as well as stylish fabrics and adorable children outfits. Yes my friends, these items will make you go shopping crazy!

Rebecca, the creator of this beautiful shop, first asked me a little about my girls so she could customize a princess purse for each of them. As I opened the shipping box, I was very pleased with how nicely the purses were wrapped up; as if they were being sent to real princesses. The first purse I pulled out was Paige’s. It was “so Paige”. The purse was made out of quality light pink with white polka dot fabric with a lime green bow located on the side of the handle. Paige was embroidered on the front of the purse in lime green with little “bling” stones around her name. The inside of the purse had a different and fun fabric with the pattern of little girl monkey’s and cupcakes. I absolutely loved this purse and so did Paige! My 13 month old sweetie/diva smiled at me and said “pretty” as I handed her the purse. She hooked it on her arm and off she went.

The second purse I received was also beautifully packaged. I let Ava open her’s herself. I was just as excited as she was! The princess purse was adorable and “so Ava”! It was also constructed with quality fabric and stitching. The material was bright pink with lime green polka dots and a lime green bow. Ava was embroidered on the front of the purse in white with four circle diamond “bling”. The inside of the purse had a fun floral lime green material. Ava’s response was just a great as Paige’s. Ava said, “ ooh mommy, this is so cute, I love it! Both purses are 8”x8” with two straps. They are perfect for young children 1-6 years old.

All Decked out Boutique is the perfect place to find gifts and fashionable fabrics. The store is categorized by price (under $20, under $30, under $40, and ranging from $3.75- $39.95. Many of the items have the option for embroidery. As you may already know, I love personalized items. This store is perfect for me; cute items, great prices, the option for personalization, and great customer service! Thank you All Deck Out, you have made two little girls very happy.

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