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All Natural Hair Products For Kids From TruKid Sweepstakes

All Natural Hair Products For Kids

If you are interested in going green, finding all natural hair products for kids is a great place to start.  My kids are like most; they get into some dirty situations!  This week, the kids have been “excavating” in the gravel drive and moving their finds across the yard!  Last week they were in the muddy creek looking for tadpoles.  That took some scrubbing to get these two clean!  As often as the kids bathe, I don’t like the idea of them using products with chemicals and additives in them.  I feel much better knowing the kids are using totally natural and organic bath products.  In my opinion, there is one place I would prefer to get all my kids bath and body and outdoor lotions and repellants from.

TruKid is a 100% natural and organic company that has your child’s well-being in mind.  You will not find any chemicals or additives you can’t pronounce or don’t have a clue what they are.  Jennifer Adams Bunkers, a mother of 5 active kids, is the creative mind behind TruKid.  She created TruKid when she continued to come up empty when she was looking for 100% natural products for children.  There were none and she wanted her kids to have the safest and most effective products possible.  Her kids were involved in several sports and Jennifer wanted a line of products that would protect them from the sun and from insects and that would keep them clean, all while being all organic.  Jennifer has a background in product development and manufacturing, so she had a good foundation for starting TruKid.  The TruKid products have won many well deserved awards for her products and she is sure to collect more when her TruKid Foundations, an outreach program which debuts this fall!  Don’t you feel good buying products from a company that gives you peace of mind about using their products and gives back to their community?  I know I do.

Organic Hair Detangler

I have been looking for an organic hair detangler for Caitlin for a while now.  Caitlin has very thick hair that is not very pretty when she wakes up each morning!  That poor kid looks like she had been brushing her hair with a weed whacker!  Not only is it tangled, it is frizzy as well.  We had been using hair spray and water to tame her hair, but I wasn’t comfortable using hair spray on her at the tender age of almost 14.  I had worked with TruKid on a review of their fantastic sun care products, so I was very happy to review a trio of items from their hair care line.  I was given the Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner and Dancing Hair Detangler ($25.00).  I was in the shower when I realized I was completely out of shampoo and reached for the Silly Shampoo.  The scent is fresh and clean and it had a great lather.  The Cool Conditioner leaves your hair silky smooth and quite manageable.  I used the products on Caitlin and the next morning, we just needed a few sprays of the Dancing Hair Detangler to tame her hair.  I was really excited to see we only needed a small amount of the spray to get Caitlin’s hair looking perfect.   My second review with the TruKid products was just as awesome as the first!

One reader will win a 3-piece Hair Care Set (ARV $25.00) From TruKid

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