All Natural Sunscreen for kids

All Natural Sunscreen For Kids

Before you head out for a day in the sun, you might want to use all natural sunscreen for kids.  My kids have very sensitive skin, so I cannot use products that have anything synthetics or has chemicals. We had a tough time last year with the sun screen I got from the Acme Discount store.  Both kids had such a bad reaction that kept them inside for several days.  I ended up finding all natural skin products at a specialty shop nearby and although it worked great, it was so expensive.  Even though they are my kids, I had a mild anxiety attack when I paid over $20 for one tube of sunscreen.  OUCH!!  Thankfully I have found an online company that offers organic products for kids, without gouging your wallet.

TruKid is a great solution to the huge need there is for safe body, bath and sun products for children.  Jennifer Adams Bunkers created TruKid out of a need for safe, quality made and affordable products for her 5 children.  With her kids playing several sports, Jennifer and her family spent a lot of time outdoors and she knew her kids needed protection from the sun.  With a background in product development and manufacturing, Jennifer was able to tap into her talents to create TruKid.  The TruKid products have won many well deserved awards and after TruKid Foundations, her outreach program,  debuts this fall, I think she will win many more.  Don’t you feel good buying safe and organic products for your family from a company who gives back to their community?  I know I do.

Healthy Skin Protection

Since I can only use healthy skin protection from the sun, I was so excited to review two of Jennifer’s products for my family. Luckily for my kids, they take after their dad and tan without burning as opposed to me who burns just thinking about going outside! We tried the TruKid Sunny Day Sport 30 SPF in the tube as well as in the stick (total retail $28.98). I must tell you if you have kids who love the outdoors, the sunscreen stick is a must have. I have always hated putting sunscreen on the kids’ faces, especially if it is really hot outside. Within seconds of applying lotion to their face, it is dripping into their eyes and those chemicals burn!  With the sunscreen stick, that problem is non-existent and it stays on longer than any lotion I have ever used.  Now that I am armed with TruKid products, my family will be protected while they enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

One reader will win a TruKid Sunny Day Sport 30 SPF in the tube as well as in the stick (total retail $28.98).

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