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All Natural Sunscreen For The Whole Family

My husband is one of those people who can get out in the sun the first day of summer and never burn. I can slather myself in sunscreen and I will still get a sunburn! My kids take after my husband more so than me, which I am grateful for. For my son, he has sensitive skin and we cannot use most OTC products on him. He can break out, turn read and sometimes he will see swelling, depending on how much  of the product we used and how long it stayed on. The last time we bought sunscreen that had “natural” on its label, turned out to have ingredients that were not found in nature. The moment the lotion was put on Henry’s skin, he began to scream and cry that his skin was burning. It took a lot of cold compresses and kisses to get him calmed down and feeling better. I was ready to keep him inside for the whole summer had it not been for sunscreen products from Goddess Garden Organics.

All Natural Sunscreen For The Whole Family

When it comes to being out in the sun, no matter your skin type, a good sunscreen is needed. The UV rays can be not only harmful but deadly if you were to get skin cancer. My grandfather was an avid golfer who always made sure he wore a hat to protect himself from the sun. Because he did not wear sunscreen, he ended up with skin cancer on his nose and cheek. When I am sending my kids out for a day in the sun, they are not allowed to leave the house until they are protected with a good sunscreen. When I read that Nova Covington, creator of the Goddess Garden Organics, had a daughter as sensitive as my Henry, I knew I found the right company for our sun care needs. When Nova saw how her daughter Paige reacted so adversely to the products she found on the market, she knew she had to do something.

In 2009, Goddess Garden Organics premiered a line of safe and all natural sunscreen for the whole family. With ingredients like pure zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the Goddess Garden products, you are getting a sunscreen that has the highest organic content of any product available. This means you are getting up to 40 minutes of water resistant protection that gives you up to 94% of the powerful organic ingredients. We were sent the SPF 30 Kids Natural Sunscreen in the continuous and regular spray as well as the lotion. I can tell you that Henry was very afraid to try the Goddess Garden Organics products, but after some coaxing, he finally allowed me to put some on his arm. After he saw that it did not sting or turn his skin red, he was willing to put it on the rest of his body. With the convenient spray bottle, he can cover himself completely and quite easily. I will not use another sunscreen product on him unless it is 100% safe, which is what I found with the Goddess Garden sunscreen. You can purchase the Goddess Garden products from their website as well as Earth Fare and other fine stores that carry natural products. The products I received retail for a total of $78.96.

One USA reader will win one 8 oz Kids All Natural Sunscreen Spray ($21.99) and one 6 oz Kids All Natural Sunscreen ($19.99)


  1. I like the Kids Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray. Spf30 is what I typically use. Continuous spray is easier to get on them.

  2. The natural facial sunscreen… I have to wear sunscreen when I leave the house… so I have it on anywhere from 5-7 days of the week…the chemicals worry me…so this looks like an awesome option for my family and myself..

  3. My favorite product from Goddess Garden Organics is the Natural Daily Lotion – Lavender Mint.

  4. I like Kids All Natural Sunscreen Spray! I’ve read they’re not sure how effective the spray is, but it is much easier and tolerable! I luv the spray!

  5. I would like to try the Natural Daily Lotion – Grapefruit Bergamot. I bet it smells amazing!

  6. I would love to try the Kids Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray, it seems this summer with the intense heat & humidity I am forever reapplying sunscreen.

  7. I like the natural facial sunscreen. I have a prob with sunscreens causing breakouts so hopefully this kind, being natural, won’t do that

  8. I like the Natural Facial Sunscreen, SPF 30. I already had skin cancer on my face, and I’m not looking for a repeat performance. It was no fun. Ouch!

  9. I’d have to choose Natural Facial Sunscreen SPF30 – 3.4OZ–keeping the age spots at bay

  10. I would love to have their Kids Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray 6OZ for my three oldest who love to be outside all the time.

  11. I accidentally hit the follow for Instagram- I am not. Didn’t want you to think I was cheating 🙂

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