Allergens are all around. I have allergies my entire life, unfortunately I didn’t know what was making me so sick as a child. Thanks to extensive research from around, I have been able to start making my house free of allergens. Allergy Control Products has been improving lives like mine since 1983. I was so excited when they agreed to participate in BlogMania, Make Over Your Bedroom, Event.

A few months ago, I took my youngest daughter into an allergist specialist. As I was waiting for the doctor, they had me watch a video on allergens and how to help prevent them. I was absolutely disgusted by the Allergens around and bedbugs. I was even very overwhelmed with the information on how to protect myself and my daughter Paige. I am a very clean person but sometimes that is just not enough when it comes to dust mites, bed bugs, etc. I went searching online and found Allergy Control Products. Allergy Control Product is your one stop to help making your home allergy free.

For this event, I was sent 2 Pristine Complete Pillow Encasings and 1 Pristine Complete Mattress Encasing. These products offer top allergen protection against dust mites, pet allergens, and bed bugs. These products protect against ultra-fine allergen particles keeping your mattress and pillows safe. They are made with a eco-friendly breathable barrier of 100% polyester microfiber material that has a cotton-like feel. The 1 Pristine Complete Mattress Encasing is made latex free and comes in 9”, 12”, 15” for all sizes of mattresses. I received the 9” king size mattress encasing. It was easy to put on. I even did without the help of my husband. The long zipper opening made it easy to slide on my mattress and then it enclosed just as easy. I was very impressed with the quality of this encasing! The seams have all been binded for durability giving it a lifetime warranty. I really think everyone and every hotel needs one of these! The Allergy Control Cotton Performance Mattress Encasing starts at $83.95.

The two Pristine Complete Pillow Encasing I received were just as fabulous. They are made from the same material and offer the same performance as the Mattress Encasing. They washed up nicely and fit securely on my pillows. They come in size standard, queen, king, and even speciality pillows. I feel so much better while sleeping! The Pristine Complete Pillow Encasing start at $16.95.

Allergy Control Products offer the top notch products helping you breath and feel better from allergens. There user-friendly online website helps you navigate by which allergy type of products you may be searching for; dust mite allergies, bed bug prevention, asthma, childhood allergies, latex allergies, mold allergies, natural home, pet allergies, seasonal allergies, sensitive skin, sinus relief, and much more, as well as specific products you may be searching for. I was so impressed with the clarity of navigation through the website. It was easy to find what I was looking as well as great suggestions to helping my allergy problem. Create an allergy-free home with doctor-recommended products from Allergy Control Products.  Save 15% with discount code WMS15 at <>  or 1.800.ALLERGY (255-3749)!  Plus, get FREE shipping on orders over $150. Exclusions apply, see website for details.

Allergy Control Products is a sponsor of the BlogMania Event on October 6-12. Make sure you Like them on Facebook  and check out their website: Allergy Control Products  to win two standard Pristine Complete Pillow Encasings and a Pristine Complete Mattress Encasing as part of the final package!