Little Chef Lunchbox Kitchen


Playing kitchen in our house is one of our favorite things to do.  A huge section of our playroom is dedicated to Isabella’s kitchen area.  I came across Alphabet Emporium’s Etsy Shop and their line of play food.  Danni was so nice to send me the Little Chef’s Lunchbox Kitchen Set. The cool thing about this set is that its portable, it folds up into a nice size rectangle with a carry handle, great for taking with you on vacation or even to Grandma’s house.  Its made of a really durable felt and was very well constructed (folding it up is very easy and is done with velcro).  The large part of the item is the 4 burner stove with pretend knobs.  A pot, spautula, plate, fork, knive, egg, bacon, pancakes and hashbrowns are included with the set.  They are all small in size so they fit perfectly inside the stove when its closed up, there is no worry of losing pieces because it all fits safely inside.

All of the food and accessories are very realistic and so cute.  I love it when Isabella makes us breakfast from her new play kitchen set.  My favorite piece is the hashbrowns, they are so realistic.  Isabella’s favorite is her spatula and the bacon.  She thinks she’s just like Daddy making breakfast on the weekend.  Funny part about the set is, its exactly what we eat on Sunday mornings…so while my husband is making the real thing she is making her pretend breakfast!  I love to see her imagination at work and I am hoping that she enjoys cooking when she grows up.  You can purchase this set for $40 plus shipping.
There are so many different items to choose from at Alphabet Emporium’s Etsy Shop including: t-shirts, hairclips and a huge variety of pretend food.  If your child or a child you know loves to play kitchen, they would really enjoy any one of their sets.  Alphabet Emporium has a combined 40 years in the crafting business and all their shop items are Eco-Friendly. Each item is handmade with the utmost quality, material and are extremely affordable .  This is something you won’t find anywhere else, what a unique gift idea for the little ones you love!  You can also find Alphabet Emporium on Facebook.

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