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It feels like we just got past the holidays, doesn’t it? Well, here we are. Faced with another one! Easter is here and if you are anything like me, you are scrambling! It’s Easter Bunny crunch time and it’s up to me to make sure that he brings my little guy something special and memorable this year. Now, when I say special and memorable I mean something that will actually last and not tons of candy. As much as Aidan would love a basket full of candy, mommy and daddy could probably do without the sugar rushes and crashes that will follow. I had to come up with alternatives that would make Aidan forget about the candy that could have been in his basket.

Easter Candy

5 Alternatives to Candy For The Easter Basket

  1. Activity Sets Aidan loves to color with his “crayoms” so I always make sure I am fully stocked on coloring books, activity sets and crayons. They are great to keep him busy at home and especially when we are out to eat or waiting at one of mommy’s many appointments. Activity sets are an Easter basket win-win for everyone!
  2. New Tableware This is a not so obvious Easter basket stuffer. I know Aidan loves getting new cups and plates, especially when they are donned with fun characters. I was able to find some cute toddler table accessories that he will go hoppy for!
  3. Clothes Kids grow like weeds. Fortunately, Aidan is still young enough to think that clothes are fun. Until they lose their fun appeal, I will find any reason to incorporate clothes into a gift for him. He loves “scary sharks” and I was able to find a pajama set with an ocean theme. I rolled it up and used it as padding  under everything so it will be a little bonus once he opens the basket completely.
  4. Books Books are always a smart idea for any holiday, Easter being no exception. Even if Aidan had a million books, I would still buy him more!
  5. Toys Since Easter baskets aren’t very large, it’s important to find toys that will fit and not overwhelm the basket. Aidan has a VTech InnoTab 3s that he absolutely adores. He calls it his “book” and takes it with him everywhere, including to the home daycare that he attends. VTech software cartridges are the perfect fit for Aidan’s Easter basket since they encourage creativity and promote learning through logic, counting, memory and reading.

easter candy game

The Easter basket that I put together for Aidan includes the InnoTab Disney Planes software cartridge and the InnoTab Bubble Guppies software cartridge. Both cartridges retail for $24.99 and use age ranges between 3-7 years. I was also given the opportunity to try the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicle ($7.99), which connect to the Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets.

The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech. I can’t wait until Easter morning to see the look on Aidan’s face when he sees his Easter Basket! One lucky US winner will receive a VTech Gift Pack of their own with the Disney Planes and Bubble Guppy software cartridges and a Go! Go! Smart Wheels Vehicle!

What did you fill your Easter baskets with?


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