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Always Get The Best Deals With Hipiti

I love to shop and with a family of 4, I am always on the lookout for sales and discounts to save money. The problem with trying to find the best deal is that I do not have time to comparison shop. I am on the go almost all day and I have too much to do to go from store to store looking for a sale here and there. I am signed up with a few of my favorite retailers so I get email notices when a sale is going on and I appreciate that heads up. I recently learned about a new platform called Hipiti, that can streamline sale information for up to 15 of my favorite stores! Now I can get up to date sale information for not just a few of my favorite brands, but for a lot of them.

Always Get The Best Deals With Hipiti

Hipiti is a free service that allow you to choose 15 of your favorite retailers from a comprehensive list of the most popular. You get to not only choose which offers you want to know about, but how often you get notified as well. Once you choose the 15 top stores you want to follow, you can go into your settings and adjust the information you will receive from Hipiti as well as how much and when. With their proprietary and innovative technology, Hipiti makes finding the best deals online or on your smartphone fast and easy.

When you sign up for this free service, you can always get the best deals with Hipiti  With the custom dashboard platform, users can view the offers they want by letting Hipiti do all the legwork for you. Hipiti rates, personalizes and organizes sale information from a large number of retailers and then brings users only the best sales. Hipiti knows how busy many women are and have built this program to simplify their lives while saving them time and money as well. For anyone who signs up for the free service through March 31st, will be entered to win a $100 gift card to one of over 150 Hipiti retailers of the winner’s choice. You can create your free Hipiti account here.

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