I make so many of my purchases on Amazon now. Things are usually cheaper than going to a local store, I can find things that aren’t always easy to find locally, and I can do most of my shopping in one place!  I can’t pass up something that easy!  Plus, since I never shop online without at least checking for a promo or coupon code first, I’m often able to find additional discounts!  Finding those coupon codes can be a bit tricky sometimes, though.  Nancy Phillips was an avid couponer and online shopper herself when she had the idea to put all of the promo codes for one of the largest online retailers in just one place to make it easier for people to find a deal and save money!  Her website makes Amazon Promo Codes easily accessible and available in one easy to use website. Whether you’re looking for a discount or just a good deal on a specific type of product, her website, apcodes.com is your one-stop-shop to save yourself extra money when shopping on Amazon. Plus, since they accept promo code submissions from their users as well, you’re sure to have access to almost any promo code Amazon has active!  Next time you head to the Amazoncheckout, make sure you try apcodes.com first so that you can be confident you’re saving as much money as possible!

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