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This post has been sponsored by American Express, but all opinions are our own. When I found out I was expecting my first baby, I was terrified! I was 25, still in school and married for just about a year. My husband and I were excited but had no idea what we were doing! Through trial and error and lots of advice, we managed to raise a beautiful baby girl into a lovely young woman! With the next two kids, I was much more relaxed and confidant in being a mom. This newly found belief in my mothering skills allowed me to enjoy my kids and stop worrying so much! With my younger kids I found myself getting down on their level and seeing the world through their eyes. I was playing with them at the park instead of watching them and was getting my hands full of glitter and glue at the craft table. I was allowing myself to enjoy the #EveryDayMoments with my kids and focus on what was important to me and my family. The one thing I did not love so much about being a parent is how expensive it can be. Thankfully with the American Express Everyday Card, I can buy what my kids and I want and be able to afford it.

With the American Express Everyday Card, you get rewards whenever you use your card. Your rewards can be earned with over 500 brands, which are mostly clothing and home goods brand. You can even earn double points while shopping at US supermarkets. Best of all, there is no annual fee, and there’s 20% extra to earn if you use your card 20 or more times each month. I do not know about you, but I think this sounds like a good deal! I can easily use my AMEX card 20 times just on groceries, toys, and clothing for the kids! To celebrate the American Express Everyday Card, AMEX has started their #EveryDayMoments campaign. To help spread the news about their campaign, American Express has enlisted the help of author, actress and parenting mogul Soleil Moon Frye. Moon Frye shares with everyone about her roller coaster of emotions she went through when buying her first mini van. Buying the mini van eventually let to #EveryDayMoment of a dance party with her kids. See her adorable animated video here:

So what are your #EveryDayMomens? They can be anything from buying your first baby outfit to getting supplies for a special birthday. The possibilities are virtually endless and so are the goods you can purchase with your American Express card! Be sure to visit the Soleil Moon Frye website, Facebook and Twitter pages for lots of great ideas, advice and fun. You can stay current with the latest from American Express by following them on Twitter.

What is your #EveryDayMoments you can share as a parent?