An Easy Way To Sleep Better And Wake Refreshed

I have been on a path to live a healthier life for several months now. I have been eating healthy and exercising, which in turn has helped me lose most of the weight I wanted. When one is focused on being healthier, that also includes other areas of your life and body. One of those areas is how well we sleep and how that amount effects our well being. If you do not get a good nights sleep, you can be tired, lack energy, have less focus and many other issues. If you have a pattern of not sleeping well, this can lead to more serious health issues. One of the effects a good nights sleep can give you that everyone you meet can see is healthy and youthful looking skin. One product that has been designed as an easy way to sleep better and get that glowing healthy skin you want. Developed by an MD and a licensed cosmetologist, the YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase has people sleeping better and waking up looking refreshed!

An Easy Way To Sleep Better

I would guess that anyone who is seeking an easy way to sleep better is tired of being tired. When you do not sleep well, your whole day is overshadowed by it. With the YouthPerfect product, you can get a great night’s sleep while it works to reduce those soon to be wrinkles called sleep lines. When you sleep on a traditional pillowcase, your skin gets creases, which are otherwise called sleep lines. As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic and more susceptible to those lines becoming permanent. The one way you can avoid these sleep lines is to sleep on your back, but that is not very comfortable. with the YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase, you can sleep on your side or stomach with no sleep lines! The fabric is super luxurious and frictionless so it protects your skin against those creases that can lead to permanent wrinkles. When you order the YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase, you will also receive a number of diffuser strips in a trio of aromatherapy scents including vanilla, lavender and eucalyptus. The strip fits into your pillowcase’s inner sleeve, giving you a more relaxed and calming night’s sleep. To keep your eyes from getting that annoying morning puffiness, you will also receive a gel cooling mask. You can order a set of 2 pillowcases, the aromatherapy set and the gel cooling mask from the YouthPerfect website for $19.95.


  1. I only get 6 hours of sleep a night if I am lucky. Sometimes I take a power nap during the afternoon!

  2. I get maybe six hours lately with 20 and 22 year olds coming in and out all hours I am ready to run away from home!

  3. I think the lavender aromatherapy would definitely help me sleep better. Thats always been a calming scent to me and would love to work it into my sleep routine like that! 🙂

  4. My wife says the gel mask would help her sleep better by blocking out light and and by calming her.

  5. I think the lavender or vanilla aromatherapy would definitely enhance the quality of my sleep. I have found that eucalyptus tends to be more of a stimulating scent for me, rather than calming.

  6. On average I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep nightly. I have a bit of a problem staying asleep more than 4 hours. 🙁

  7. The pillow cases to prevent wrinkles and the eye gel mask to keep my headaches at bay.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  8. The pillow cases seem to be the most interesting to me.. would be awesome to try it! Thanks for the chance

  9. I would love to try the pillow cases and the scents to try and help aid in me getting better night sleep.

  10. Also, I normally aim for 9 hours of sleep, but it takes ages to fall asleep and I always seem to wake up, so it’s normally closer to 7.

  11. I’d really love to try the gel cooling mask! I have a plain one, and while it works sometimes it’s a little less than comfortable.

  12. Hi, I believe the “Lavender” aromatherapy scent will help me sleep better. Lavender is calming and I think it would benefit me. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  13. The cooling eye mask — I have such awful puffiness and bags under my eyes in the morning.

  14. I found that the lavender scent does help you sleep. Would love to try it, along with the rest of the scents.

  15. I want to try the pillow cases with Eucalyptus. You must also love the gel eye mask 🙂

  16. Besides noise reducing ear phones (hubby is a snorer :P) I think that the lavender aromatherapy would work so well! I have heard lots of great things about the use of lavender to aid with sleep!

  17. I get about 9 hours of sleep per nite an id love to try the cooling mask thanks so much for this giveaway

  18. I am currently getting 3-5 hours sleep, which is really good for me. This just started within the last 6 months or so. For the last 5 years, almost 6, I was getting 45-90 minutes a night. That was MADDENING!

  19. My favorite feature of this product is the spa quality aromatherapy. LOVE aromatherapy!

  20. I’d like to try the Lavender. I love sleeping on cool pillow cases b/c menopause makes me hot.Thank you 🙂

  21. this pkg would be wonderful thank you:), my hubby is constantly buying new pillowes but still waking up with a bad headache.

  22. I think the Spa Quality Aromatherapy will be the biggest benefit to me. I always have had success with aromatherapy for stress relief, energy, and sleep in the past. I think this would be no exception for benefiting my sleeping pattern. 🙂

  23. If I get 5 hours of straight sleep, I feel like that’s a good night. Normally I only sleep 2-3 hours at a stretch 🙁

  24. I have narcolepsy, so sometimes I only get 4 or 5 hours at night then catch up during the day. 😀

  25. Love the idea of aromatherapy oil strips! It would definitely help get me the recommended 8 hrs of sleep!

  26. I am not only concerned about reducing the amount of wrinkles, but I also suffer from insomnia. I am lucky if I get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I am consistently going to the doctors because of health issues (which I believe are related to my insomnia), but to date, my doctor(s) have not linked my illnesses to my insomnia. I have also tried everything on the market, from prescription to non-prescription (herbal), to combat my insomnia, but nothing works. I have tried taking hot baths, drinking warm milk, taking a long walk and even meditation. This has been going on for 10 years now. I am at my wits end, but I still willing to try anything.

  27. I love the Youthperfect Spa pillow cases. I have enough wrinkles on my face and am willing to try anything to prevent more.

  28. i have insomnia, so did my mother, i get abt 4 hrs/night, more or less…by the end of the wk, i end of crashing…and am so tired that i cant sleep. i have tired all natural remedies, even some sleeping pills but did not like waking up sleepy. also my 3 4 legged girls sleep w/ me and that is probably a problem, but i would never ban them from my bed..i say beddy bye and they head for my bed…and the baby likes to sleep on my head…

  29. Not enough lol… depends I have FMS so i don’t sleep some nights at all and others I over sleep.

  30. I definitely want the cooling eye mask…I find myself having a hard time regulating temperature when I am sleeping these days.

    • I generally either just sleep a few hours (3 or 4) or sleep a lot (like 12 or more) due to pain and other medical problems. I do take a medication that does help me stay asleep better now but I still often have trouble falling asleep (even though I am tired and drowsy/dizzy, in a fog from my meds)

  31. It’s hard to say how much sleep I get. I am an extremely light sleeper and literally everything wakes me up. Top it off with a 2 year old who usually ends up in bed with me. I’d say I get anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a night (broken up).

  32. I try to get as much sleep as I can, but always waking up all through the night, so no real answer to how much sleep I get, it is whatever I can ..:-( its never enough…

  33. I have not yet tried lavender to help me sleep, but I have heard it does help people and I struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep both, I would really like to try sleeping on this scent to see if it would really help me with my sleeping problems..:-) Thanx for the chance ..:-)

  34. lavender is not only soothing as a scent, but essential lavender oil also helps to retard dust mites from colonizing. If you have allergies like I do
    congestion from allergies can really impede a restful night’s sleep.

  35. I get broken sleep everynight, an hour here, an hour there. Really don’t sleep much, but that is because the kids wake me up and on work days my husband is up at 4:30 to get ready and he tends to wake me up a couple times while he’s getting ready to leave and then to say goodbye.

  36. I like the lavender scent. It will help me sleep better. and as a bonus , the pillow case will help stop all the extra wrinkles I get from sleeping on my side.

  37. The lavender scent will help me sleep better and a bonus is that the pillow case will help stop all the extra wrinkles I get from sleeping on my side

  38. I get about 4 – 5 hours of sleep a night. Not enough, I’m an evil person during the day!

  39. I think the lavender scent would help the most, it’s proven to have calming qualities. Not quite as calming as my beloved Valium, but it’s a help!

  40. I would say the aromatherapy would be most useful….I’ve started experimenting with it because of insomnia.

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