Whether or not you have experience with divination, one of the things that a lot of people are inherently interested in knowing more of is scrying. But what exactly is scrying? It is an ancient method of divination that supports the seer’s senses. It is one of the practices of divination that was ever recorded and came from ancient China. When it comes to describing what scrying exactly is, it will depend entirely on the person whom you will ask. However, generally speaking, scrying gives you an opportunity to have open communication with spirits and communicate with your higher being. Generally speaking, it can be said that it is another form of meditation. This is why you can say that what scrying really means depends on the practitioner.

In order to practice scrying, you are going to need a medium. This could be a reflective surface like a mirror, a smooth crystal, or a crystal ball. This medium will allow you to gain more knowledge about the future. But there are also different types of scrying that use another medium like a cup of water, a knife blade, or a bowl of water. Nevertheless, the key here is that in order to begin practicing with scrying, you need to choose a specific medium that you are comfortable with.

As a beginner, you have no idea what suits you best yet and you are still testing the waters. So for now, purchase a crystal or small mirror first instead of a crystal sphere as it can be more expensive. Moreover, two of the most popular options are black obsidian and clear quartz. Choose something that you can carry comfortably in your hands and something that you can put in front of you without any sort of inconvenience of discomfort at all.

When it comes to scrying, meditation is something you can feel relating to. If you are somehow used to meditating, scrying is going to feel more natural to you. More often than not, scrying happens at night because there are more peace and quiet. When you are in a serene environment, you are more likely to be able to access your psychic senses. So to best practice scrying, find a good spot where you can comfortably do it in silence. Find a place where you can comfortably sit in and hold your scrying medium with you and place it on the table in front of you. Light a white candle and place it behind the scrying medium you have chosen. This way, you will have a small illumination in front of you without causing any distractions to yourself due to movements and reflections.

The key here is relaxing when you are scrying. Breathe deeply for a few moments and close your eyes while doing it. Focus on your scrying medium and bring your mind into a specific intention. It could be some insights about a relationship matter or a career. Simply put, focus on the intention you want to attain.