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I love Angry Birds, my teenage son loves Angry Birds, and now, even my dogs love Angry Birds!  Hartz decided that since the rest of the family is busy playing Angry Birds, it would give us more opportunity to play with our dogs if they could play too!  Now they can!  Hartz Angry Birds dog toys come in 3 different styles, with 10 different character options.

Angry Birds Toys

We tried four different toys.  My dogs’ favorite was the Angry Birds Two Heads.  It’s a 17″ plush with a different character at each end and a squeaker in the middle.  My dogs loved this one most because they could each grab one end and wrestle with it, or I could grab one end and pull against them on the other.  The squeaker was also easy for them to find, which they really loved.  They also really liked the Angry Birds Tuff Stuff Flyer.  It’s in the shape of a frisbee with a red Angry Bird on one side and the Green Pig on the other.  It’s made of durable nylon, but is soft and flexible so it wasn’t tough on my dogs’ teeth.  It also had a squeaker in the middle, but my dogs didn’t find it on this one.  The Angry Birds Plush Ball with Sound Chip is a 4″ plush ball with a noise box inside that makes real Angry Birds sounds when pressed.  Milo really liked this one, but every time he was able to press the noise box inside, it startled him a little, because I think he was expecting a squeak.  Bentley liked this one as well because he’s a little dog (4 lbs.) and he was able to pick this one up and throw it around.  Finally, the Angry Birds Hard Heads are 4″ rubber balls with a really loud squeaker inside.  Milo loved this one because it was really easy to squeak the squeaker, and that’s his goal when he’s playing with a squeak toy.  Bowser and Bentley don’t appreciate squeaking like Milo does, and they seem to prefer plush to latex, so Milo got this one for himself.

Overall, these were really fun toys both for my dogs, and the rest of the family!  It was nice to have a dog toy that us humans could relate to also!  I really loved that they all had a squeaker in them and I liked the bright colors, which made them easy to keep track of.  If you have multiple dogs, or your dog likes tug of war, I would recommend the Angry Birds Two Heads or the Angry Birds Tuff Stuff Flyer, as they both allow good tug of war and have enough surface area for two dogs to tug at once.  If you have smaller dogs, or have one that likes to play by himself and loves the sounds he or she can make with a toy, I think the Angry Birds Plush Ball with Sound Chip or the Angry Birds Hard Heads would be the way to go.  No matter how big or small, Hartz has created an Angry Birds toy just perfect for the pooch in your life!

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