This App Can Make Shopping Easier For You

Have you noticed that shopping has taken on an entirely new face from a few decades ago? It used to be simple to go shopping. When I was younger, I would get dressed up and go out with my mom. We went to one department store and possibly the discount store and then we had lunch and went home. Then all of a sudden, these specialty stores, discount chains and retail stores started cropping up all over the place. Add the Internet to that stack and you have an overwhelming number of shoppertunities where you can spend your money. That is too much for me, so I need to simplify things for myself. Do you feel that way as well? If you do, this app can make shopping easier for you. The new swym (Shop With Your Mobile) app, available on iTunes, your iPhone (and soon on your Android) is going to take the headache out of shopping.
Make Shopping Easier WIth swym

Make Shopping Easier

Swym is a convenient app that allows you to get emails and manage them from your favorite stores and brands. If you are a loyal customer to a certain chain or brand name, chances are, you are on their mailing list. You certainly do not want to miss out on any deals, sales, early shopping events or other news from your favorite store, so you sort through all the emails they send you.

If you have a handful of brands and stores you love, that sure does increase the load into your inbox. Instead of you going through all of the emails yourself, let the Swym app organize your deals from your favorite merchants for you. To make it easy for you to choose your merchants, you can just have the swym website import your offers and favorite stores and brands from your email. I chose to do this and it took just a few seconds to get them moved from one place to the other. Swym is headquartered in Seattle, Swym is a privately held corporation founded by senior executives from Amazon and Microsoft.

SWYM Mobile App
The Swym app is completely a breeze to download and takes just a few seconds. The interface is quite simple to navigate and I really like the modern and sleekly streamlined look. I am too busy to remember a lot of things, so if it is not on a reminder, I may not remember it. With the Swym app, you can save an offer and when it is about to expire, you will get a notification. Another really cool feature is if you have a saved offer from a merchant and you happen to be in its proximity, you will get a notification.

Make Shopping Easier

There are a ton of stores available on the app for your offers, which makes it nice to compile them all in one place. I shop a lot at Amazon, Best Buy, Groupon, Target and Sears, and they are all on the list. It only takes a few moments to add each merchant so start receiving your offers. If you are looking for an app to make shopping easier for you, this is perfect! To give you a sneak peek at what the app looks like and what it has to offer, you can watch the swym app video.