Feeding our family healthy foods is very important to my husband and I. I came across the company Applegate Farms, Organic and Natural Meats. After researching their products, I was overly thrilled with the information I found on the cleanliness of their facilities for their animals as well as how all their meats and cheeses are natural or organic. I contacted Applegate Farms for a review and was excited they agreed to allow me and my family to try four of their products; Organic Uncured Thick Cut Bacon, Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Tenders, Homestyle Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders, and the grilled chicken breast tenders

When it comes to eating healthy, Applegate meats and cheeses have helped my family follow the healthy life style I want for my family. Applegate produces natural and organic meat. ALL of their animals are raised without antibiotics and artificial hormones. They are all fed a 100% vegetarian diet. ALL of Applegate meats are free of chemical nitrites and nitrates and free of artificial ingredients; making their meats and cheeses very healthy! This should make any parent or person who cares about their health, very happy!!

My husband and girls love bacon but my husband will only eat bacon that follows the Paleo lifestyle; no gluten and organic. This bacon fits the Paleo lifestyle and the taste is amazing! The Organic Uncured Thick Cut Bacon is made with 100% Becker Lane pork bellies, giving it a buttery flavor that is sweet and juicy.

I have a really hard time getting my children to eat any meat besides bacon. I was a little nervous as to how it would go having them eat the Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Tenders. To my surprise they both LOVED them!! I’m pretty picky when it comes to Chicken Tenders myself. A lot of them taste fake and disgusting. These were awesome! Since there is nothing fake about them, they tasted like a chicken tender should.The Applegate Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Tenders are Gluten and Casein Free. They are made with a yummy crispy corn flour instead of the traditional wheat flour. I give these chicken tenders a two thumbs up!

The Homestyle Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders were just as big of hit with my girls as the Gluten-Free Chicken Breast Tenders. I couldn’t believe my three year old was asking for more. I was so happy! They are casein free and made with a delicious corn flour breading. I was very impressed by the Applegate Chicken Breast Tenders!

The forth product I tried were the Grilled Chicken Breast Tenders. I made a homemade caesar salad and added the chicken to that salad. It was delicious!! The chicken tasted fresh! I have never had pre-made chicken that tasted like I had just taken it off the grill. I absolutely love how all the Applegate products have a fresh taste!

Applegate has other delicious and healthy products: Hot Dogs, Bacon, Sausage, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Chicken, Burgers, Chicken Pot Pies and much more! Looking for a fresh way to cook? Check out the Applegate website for great recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinners, and appetizers.
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