Arbonne Essentials Fit has a variety of products to choose from if you are in to losing weight while staying vegan and gluten-free. Krista Rae, an independent consultant of Arbonne, sent me a few samples to review. While I was not too keen on the taste, the ingredients listed were impressive.

Arbonne is a 31 year old Swiss skin care company with a focus on botanically-based products that are made in the USA. Arbonne’s products have grown to include both inner & outer Health and Beauty lines that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results. So what makes so Arbonne different?
Our products are all:~ Botanically-based ~
~ PH Correct ~
~ Hypoallergenic ~
~ Formuated without Animal Products or By-Products (Vegan-certified) ~
~ Formulated without Mineral Oil ~
~ Never tested on Animals (cruelty-free for 31 years) ~
~ Dermatologist-tested ~
~ Pediatrician-Tested ~
~ Ophthalmologist -Tested ~
~ Environmentally friendly
…and best of all? they actually work!

If you like Krista Rae on Facebook, she will be happy to send you samples of her products. Just tell her I sent you.