New Grand Turkey Club

The seasons are changing, leaves are falling, and family traditions are coming back for another year. If you are anything like my family, you have plenty of traditions to go around. Ever since I can remember, the Sunday football game would be playing with a huge up roar of yells and chants while my dad grilled in the backyard. Or our annual family camping trip that we had been doing since I was in diapers, huddled around a campfire roasting (burning was more like it) marshmallows after a hardy dinner of hamburgers or hot dogs. There is always that famous holiday with a golden brown turkey, mashed potatoes and saying what each other is thankful for. What ever it may be, every family has a tradition that involves scrumptious food and great memories.

Arby's New Grand Turkey Club Review

One of my fondest memories when I was younger was being able to go to Arby’s with my mom and grab the best curly fries in town and their famous roast beef sandwich. Even though I am older, those are still my two favorite things off their menu. Although, as autumn started to hone in on my holiday turkey cravings, I decided to venture out and test one of their newer items. I am glad that I did because I would have never been able to discover the new Arby’s Grand Turkey Club. This sandwich definitely has craveability! I could probably eat this mouth-watering piece of heaven every day and still not be able to get enough. This is a must try meal for all of you sandwich lovers out there.


And who would want to pass up the great Arby’s experience? They cater to all of their customers to fit each specific need. If you are a daredevil, like myself, who yearns for that unique and flavorful new thing, this is the place to be. I am not saying that you will go on a wild journey and discover Narnia, but I would say Arby’s is a close second. If the risk is too high for something new, you can always go for their yummy slow-roasted roast beef sandwiches or their famous Market Fresh® sandwiches. No matter what your hunger cravings are, you will be completely satisfied. I cannot think of anyone who would pass up the chance to take a bite out of one of their delicious and different menu items. Arby’s is not like most traditional fast food restaurants, but you can always make a tradition out of Arby’s great tastes. Come and try their new Grand Turkey Club today if you are daring enough!

Twitter Party Alert!

We’ll be hosting a Twitter party this Thursday, 10/18/12 to talk about the sandwich, and encourage you to join us from 4-5pm PST (7-8EST) to share your opinions and thoughts on the new sandwich along with your other fall favorites. RSVP Here. We’ll be giving away 100 Arby’s gift cards to participants.

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