Whether you take photographs for a living or simply for the fun and memories, recent advances in technology have made cameras and devices and more accessible. As quality photography applications continue to be built into our phones and other devices, more and more stunning pictures, many that would have gone unsaved, will now be recorded for posterity.


[em]Are you ready to capture that perfect shot? [/em]

capture the perfect picture

Will You Be Ready? The problem of not having a camera around when the ya need one isn’t really a problem anymore. Everyone these days has a phone that can take a decent snapshot in a pinch. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is a likely chance a phone is close by. If you are smart you’ll have a waterproof case for your phone! These are a few of the pics I snapped while at Picnic Island with my phone (with a waterproof case!)


But Will You Really Be Ready? It won’t mean a thing if your camera or phone has a dead battery. Amateur photographers as well as moms-on-the-go can often find themselves in a place where they can’t just plug in. There wasn’t an electrical pole in sight on Picnic Island, but thank goodness I had the A Series external battery, from Zendure. With over 5 volts of power and 500 full charge discharge cycles, it will keep all your equipment up and running. I was able to capture photo after photo all weekend long. The reinforced shell of ABC/PC composite will keep it in action long after you have taken a break and you can even get a case which with withstand the worse weather conditions.

What do you do once you have that perfect pic? Try An Editing App: You know there is always an app for that! Many photographs are perfect just the way they are. The lighting is just what it needs to be and the subject cooperates with the composition. Other times, while the photo may slightly imperfect,  but corrections and edits can be achieved in the use of publication software. Applications such as PicMonkey and Adobe PhotoShop likely have whatever you need, such as color alteration, clarity, and exposure tweaking.


Visit Amazon for the Zendure weatherproof zipper case and other external battery sizes. Ebay also has a full catalog of quality Zendure products. Not sure which charge you might need? This image helps to describe the product specs.

My lucky readers have a chance to win one of two prize sets to include: a 5-port charger, A4 & A5
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  1. my phone goes dead throughout the day so many different;t times. i need something to help with me keeping it charged

  2. Your pictures look amazing and I too am surprised how good phones take pictures. I hate when I want to take more picture and my battery goes dead so this device would be perfect to keep mine charged up.

  3. I am always running out of power on my phone and camera when I travel. This would be really useful, particularly on vacation.

  4. There have been SO MANY TIMES my DSLR battery has been low and I’ve not checked it until turning it on to begin shooting! I seem to be more aware of my phone battery, well, because I use it all the time and it’s a constant tightrope walk of either having it adequately charged OR bringing my charger with me. I am shameless and will plug in anywhere.

  5. This is just what my daughter needs for college. I would hate for her phone to die if she needed me.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I wish we had the time to do things like that and get pictures like that. My phone dies all the time. We have a business and during our really busy time, I am sometimes taking my kids phone while I let mine charge. No one is happy then.

  7. This would be an awesome product to have on hand for road trips. There’s nothing worse than getting lost and having your phone die.

  8. I hate being somewhere with a phone that is dying. Especially now that I moved to a location where the signal strength is not strong and my battery dies faster.

  9. Thanks for the review. This would be a fantastic item to have when on the go. Ok, really anytime. We could have used it a couple of times when put devices died and needed charging.

  10. I love that it’s in a waterproof case. Looks like it can take a bit of beating too, always helpful!

  11. One of my biggest problem is keeping my phone battery charged, when I need it it seems to be dead.

  12. I didn’t have my battery charger with me to plug in on vacation and half way through I missed a ton of photo opportunities. I wish I had this product with us.

  13. I’ve been looking around lately for external battery packs and these look awesome! I would have peace of mind knowing I will always have power for my phone and tablets!

  14. This battery charger would have been great to have on our recent trip to the beach. No more running out of a charge at the wrong moment!

  15. You have a great site with lots of wonderful pictures! My phone is always drained and this is a great charger.

  16. This would be used at least once a week in my house. It feels as if this is a constant struggle. Thank you

  17. This would be really nice for vacations, camping, or when the power goes out. Our power always seems to go out during storms and we don’t have a generator, so this would be perfect!

  18. Luggage these days gets tossed all around, these seem like they could hold up to the abuse.

  19. just came back from bar harbor maine and wasn’t able to take pics t time due to battery loss. Especially the time on the boat when I forgot to put the phone on airplane mode. I was lucky this time since friends still had a charge and we shared pics. but what happens next time?

  20. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had my phone die in the middle of an event. It’s awful to miss those perfect picture moments and impossible to recreate them!

  21. I love your photos! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these chargers recently and now I know I need one!

  22. Just experienced my battery dying out at my son’s birthday party. I was praying my phone would stay on until we finished singing Happy Birthday!

  23. I love the pics! They remind me of the many times my mom took us to the beach. We would always go in the evening and stay until dark. Ohhhh the fun we had!

  24. I really like the pic w/the fallen trees in the water. I had never heard of this company before, thank you for the review of this product and the pictures.

  25. wow !i cant tell you ho wmany missed photo opportunity.because my battery went dead ,this would be so great to be prepared for those chances of getting the perfect photo .!would love to have one!

  26. I like your point about having a waterproof case. I’d definitely feel better about taking pictures near the water if I had one.

  27. Your pics are beautiful. I love Photoshop for editing, although I’d consider myself a novice to intermediate user. So much to learn!

  28. That is the worst feeling when you go to take a picture and realize that your phone battery is about to die!

  29. Your pictures are beautiful, and being around all that water, good thing you had a waterproof phone case too. That is a terrible feeling to have to say I wish I could get a picture of that and your phone not have enough power left. Who even carries a camera anymore!

  30. The photos are very nice. I don’t know much about photography but sometimes I get a gem by accident!

  31. This looks like a great charger! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run out of power with no outlet in sight. And your pix are great!

  32. I have been thinking about buying an external device and this one looks like it could do the job, thanks for the articule and giveaway! 🙂

  33. They are pretty neat looking. My father in law is looking for one like this for his fishing trips so I will have to point him to the company to check them out.

  34. I have never bean in a place that does not have a power pole like picnic island. . But, I would like to have a device like this so I will be able to charge a device if I ever dont have access to a power outlet.

  35. My phone is in constant need of a battery, use is really heavy, so one of these would really help.

  36. I have mixed emotions about taking pics! I have HUGE box of pics in my closet! I guess the kids will have fun looking at them one day. But they sit in a pile now. The digital ones I have taken… well, they are all on a former computer. Unless I get them off and printed, they will all gone. I do not think digital is the way to go. Will all be gone… right now I do not even have a camera or a cell phone…..

  37. Unfortunately, my camera wouldn’t work with one of these chargers but my phone would and they have much more punch than the little lipstick charger I have!

  38. Waterproof case is a must when out and around water. There were a few close call for my phone and I’ve learned the lesson.

  39. I also use my phone all the time to take pictures. The battery life is really short when I use it all day. Especially because the screen has to be at its full brightness. This is would be very handy.

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