Congrats Mason Jar Momma!!

Was your Thanksgiving as fun as mine?  I had the advantage of this super great idea of getting your family to talk to each other about a variety of interesting subjects, even my 18-year-old son.?  Family Talk is a portable (with a cool little keychain holder for car trips, lines and such) conversation starter.  Each card contains a thought provoking question to pose to your family members or even friends to keep the communication lines open and the conversation fun.  Great gift idea for the Holidays.
“Granted it can be a barrel of laughs, but overall it (Family Talk) is the most unique and innovative concept for striking up conversations and making the experience an enjoyable one! …It is so powerful that once someone experiences it, they will want to buy another one for a friend or loved one…” The Toy Man – Rev. James Fisher (The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2008)
Family Talk is from Around the Table and has a variety of products to get your conversations going with all of your loved ones.