Red roses and love notes used as flirting tools have quickly evolved and enveloped to text messages. According to a survey carried out by AT&T on those in a relationship, many people agree that text messages play a very important role in keeping romance relationships alive. People have mastered how to send flirty text messages which could go a long way in improving a relationship. However, there are several challenges when it comes to texting. It is important to send the right text, at the right moment for this to work. The survey revealed that about 68% of people in a relationship admitted sending flirty texts at some point. Some confessed spending a ton of time messaging their lovers and the results brought happiness and improved relationships. Has texting become so important in modern relationships?

The role of text messages

In the modern world where both men and women spend more time in their workplaces and errands, finding time for one-on-one compliments and flirts continue to be a challenge. While the option to send flowers and love cards is still available, one can quickly become tired of receiving such gifts. Moreover, roses and all that require time for shopping and arranging for a delivery person. Text messages, on the other hand, offer an instant way to quickly cheer up your spouse or lover without worrying about anything else. One good thing about texting is that you can send messages at any time of the day or night. There are several platforms and dating sites that provide love messages if you do not know exactly what to say. Flirty text messages do not have to be primarily about heated encounters. Simple compliments can be used to make one’s day perfect even if they did not wake up in the best of moods. Some of the straightforward advantages of flirty texts are they remove restrictions.

If you are dating someone, it may be quite difficult to say some things directly especially if they are flirts. You do not know how they will react to a given flirt and presentation can also mess up everything. Texting offers an effortless way to say what is in your mind, however, weird it sounds or feels. Texts also allow lovers to add a few expressions that are associated with joking or bluffing. There are no restrictions on the text messages and any misinterpretation can be corrected with the next text. It simply removes the euphoria of stating a flirt directly.

They help in preparation…

Those who are shy to ask someone out when they are present can use text messages. It is more comfortable to send a flirty text that insinuates you have been thinking about someone and want to hang out with them. You can even ask them to wear an outfit that turns you on in a flirty way. Texting flirt message in advance is a sure way to prepare someone for a memorable encounter especially if you are planning for a day full of fun activities. Instead of knocking at your lover’s door on Saturday morning to ask them out, send a flirty text that will make them show up on yours ready to have some fun.

They show you care about someone

Flirty text messages can be used to express your love and care even if you are not present. For instance, texting your lover early in the morning and wishing them a good day is a perfect way to say I care about you and I want you to have a great experience today. Most people today use text messages to apologize for earlier misunderstandings and open up their partner to forgiveness. If one is going through a difficult time, messages can be used to let them know you are always there for them in whatever situation.

Flirting through text messages is not a new thing at all; many people are afraid to flirt directly more so when they are in public places. When you send a flirty message, only the person you send it to will read and respond unlike when you are in the company of friends or other relations. In the AT&T survey, 40% of those interviewed said they would be more comfortable meeting a new date if they sent a text beforehand. Texts eliminate the boundaries that keep people from giving flirty compliments and seducing their lovers. 58% also admitted to showing texts from a potential suitor to their friends to give their say on whether they should date such a person. Clearly, texts allow the receiver to have their own interpretation exempt from aspects of presentation such as tone, looks, voice and other expressions.

Examples of flirty text messages

There are hundreds of thousands of flirty text messages you can send someone you are dating. Any text can be manipulated into a flirt if done correctly. The most used for of flirt is “thinking of you” which simply informs your date that they have been on your mind even though not physically present. Some of the typical flirty text messages people use today include;

  • I wanna commit a crime, I’m going to steal your heart
  • You are always in my 5AM thoughts
  • Hey cutie, where have you been hiding?
  • #KOTC (kiss-on-the-cheek)
  • I’m on a mission impossible to get over you
  • Woke up thinking about you
  • I keep cuddling this pillow wishing it was you I was holding
  • I can’t remember to forget your gorgeous eyes, they are brighter than the morning sunrays

There are a dozen ways to express your feelings and emotions through flirty texts that will get your partner excited. It is important to acknowledge that text messages can only do a lot. Romance relationships need time and physical presence to thrive. Giving face-to-face compliments from time to time is very important besides just texting. When you already have a perfect loving relationship with one another, flirty texts can help you increase the love and become more attractive compared to other suitors. Some suitors have ended up in marriage relationships that started with a simple flirt. Messages can be used in all situations ranging from asking one on a date to giving compliments and reminiscing on a great day spend together.