Art Paintings For Living Room

Art Paintings For Living Room

I have been searching for Art Paintings For Living Room. I love art in every form and I have a heart for the wonderfully creative people who share themselves with the world through their artistic expression. My oldest daughter ChooChoo has a degree in graphic arts and she also paints. She has given me insight into how difficult it can be for an artist to find a vehicle to share their art.  With that said, I hope to introduce you to some wonderfully talented people who have graciously agreed to share their art through a giveaway.  Today I will be introducing the art of Ashley Percival.

Ashley Percival graduated from the university College Falmouth in 2010 and is now a freelance illustrator working in England.  He gets most of his inspiration from wildlife and nature, and the rest comes from his quirky imagination. Ashley has already had his work featured on many blogs and magazines. Recently Ashley has had his designs licensed by Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for the production of  T-shirts to be sold in their stores.  Ashley makes and sells limited edition art prints that are suitable for all ages, his style has been described as unique, quirky and fun.

Unique Limited Edition Prints

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Ashley and his wonderful collection of unique limited edition prints.  As I love all of Ashley’s prints, it was difficult to choose an item for this review.  After much deliberation he chose to send me an adorable print of a wise old owl.  Ashley has such a whimsical thread he weaves into each print he creates.  When I look at Ashley’s work, it always puts a big smile on my face!  I bet you too will fall in love with his playful point of view.  You can purchase Ashley’s work from his Etsy store where the prices range from $18-50.

With big thanks to Ashley, one lucky reader will win a print from Ashley’s collection.

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