Asfoftblackstar etsy shop sent me a Makeup Brush Roll to review. I was very excited about this review because I was in dire need of a good makeup brush roll. I have had the same brush roll for a long time and it is falling apart. Asoftblackstar didn’t let me down and sent me a quality brush roll. Asfoftblackstar etsy shop specializes in handmade makeup brush rolls, makeup bags, makeup travel sets, and jewelry travel.

The Makeup Brush Roll I received was the Damask, Strawberry Pink/ Chocolate Brown size M. This was the perfect size for me. All of my brushes fit nicely. This Makeup Brush Roll has 12 pockets in different sizes up to 1.5 inches. I also loved the colors of this brush roll. It was pink with a classical brown pattern and tied with a brown ribbon. Every stitch was perfectly measured and serged giving the brush roll great quality. I was so excited that this makeup brush roll could be machine washed. Sometime I don’t have time to wash my brushes which then leaves leftover makeup in my brush roll. This fabric is great. A brush roll like mine is sold for $18.99.

Asoftblackstar specializes in handmade makeup brush rolls in Small, Medium, or Large in a variety of colors, priced $16.99-$20.99. Each size holds a different number of brushes.  Want something more custom? Asoftblackstar even has a custom choice option, where you can choose from 29 colors. There are even a few designer fabrics to choose from such as Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Robert Kaufman.

Asoftblackstar even creates travel sets in Small, Medium, or Large, price ranging from  $26.00-$30.99. A travel set includes a beautifully made makeup brush roll as well as a matching makeup bag.

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