Are you looking for a pair of cheap designer glasses? I find that with having little ones running around shopping for discount glasses is a must in my family. At GlassesUSA you can find a variety of frames and even see how they will look on your face by uploading a picture of yourself and using their, “Try Before You Buy” application. I did it, and this is my picture.  It is funny because you are supposed to use a picture that is straight on, but it seems I am a head tilter!  I was able to rotate my face, however, so the eyeglasses would fit my face.  You could even compare the different frames on your face and mail the pictures of you with glasses on to your friends and family to see what they thought. I really appreciate this feature because I really do not have the time or the patience to take my toddlers in with me to try on all the glasses I would need to find one I like.  This way I can just do it a little at a time!

My husband is really in the market for a good pair of cheap glasses.  Lets see; his first pair, Fenway, our dog chewed up.  Then his current pair is JB Welded together, and he can’t close them because Jakobi tried them on with his foot!  Needless to say, they broke!  Now that he is a truck driver he could use cheap prescription sunglasses to keep the sun out of his eyes and see at the same time instead of these crazy clip-ons he is using that someone left at our house from a play date and never claimed! He can also use this handy application because although they sell a lot at truck stops, prescription glasses are not one of them.

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