My recent trip to Ann Arbor Michigan included a trip to the International Michigan Speedway as guests of Hungry Jack. This story was inspired and written in collaboration with Hungry Jack. I am involved in a year-long partnership, so keep on the lookout for their new products, recipe ideas and more. I like watching NASCAR on TV; it’s usually great white noise while you take an afternoon siesta. I was not really up-to-date on the current drivers, but was excited to have my first trip to the Speedway (or any NASCAR race for that matter) in the JTG Daughtery Racing owner’s suite. Jodi and Tad of JTG Daughtery racing, were most gracious to share their first-hand view of the race, insight into owning a racing team, a chat with racer AJ Allmendinger,   and a Hungry Jack breakfast at the owner’s campsite at the Speedway.


In the morning, we started off eating a Hungry Jack breakfast with the JTG Daughtery racing team. It is important to start the day off right with a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

AJ Allmendinger said a few words, and answered our questions about the race. Then we were off to the garage to get a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look at the garage and pit stop areas.  It astounds me at how many people it takes to get a car up and going at the speed necessary to stay in the race.


Next stop, the owner’s suite, where we had seats right above the race. You could not find a finer observation point than the place we were. The tables were all positioned by floor to ceiling glass and we had the option of listening to the driver and handler talk on headphones. We were also able to go up on the roof to watch the race at a full 360.


As a travel writer, I have visited many unique places, attended exclusive events, and have met many individuals a person with a normal job would not encounter in a lifetime. I consider myself to be very fortunate, and am grateful for each experience. As I stood on the rooftop of the owner’s suites to watch the start of the race, I was overwhelmed with emotion as the cars raced around the track not from what one would think, but from the sound.

I closed my eyes and opened my palms to feel the vibrations coming from the ROAR as the cars sped into full speed. The “noise” most wear earplugs to keep from hearing was sheer nirvana to me, and I experienced auditory euphoria. It was quite unusual, pleasurable and I am sure appeared quite odd to others at a NASCAR race. This trip definitely made my top 5 favorite trips.