To enthusiasts, the automobile is among the greatest machines ever made.  All of the turning parts and shiny components make their heads spin.  This holiday season, your gearhead needs proper appreciation.  And there is no greater way to pay tribute to a car lover than to give them a present that reminds them of their ride or they can share with their automobile.

More Lights

Car enthusiasts love looking under the hood, but it’s dark under there and they may not have enough light in their garage.  Hire an electrician to come by their house and install added light sockets in the garage.  Rather than dealing with a flashlight or dimly lit garage, they will appreciate you had the bright idea of optimizing their working conditions.

A Place for Tools

Car lovers have more tools than the average person.  However, they probably don’t have a good place to store them.  Alternatively, if they do have a decent-sized toolbox, it can be a nuisance to find the items they immediately need.  Set them up with a pegboard that can hang in their garage.  That way, rather than fishing through a large toolbox, all their items will have a place on the board and can be easily seen.

New Covers and Mats

No matter how well they clean, particular items in the car will get worn and dirty, especially the floor mats and seat covers.  This holiday, get your car lover a gift that will remind them of your kindness each time they step into the vehicle.  Colorful and durable seat covers are available at Shear Comfort.

A Giant Car Photo

Take a photo of their prized possession and then have the picture made into a huge car poster.  They can hang it in the garage, over the mantle, or in their office.  They probably look at their car so often they forget to commemorate the machine with a giant-sized photo.  In today’s world of social media uploads, a giant poster is a unique gesture.

A Medley of T-Shirts

Car lovers don’t just adore cars; they love machines of various makes and models.  Pay for a subscription to a car t-shirt of the month club.  Each month, they’ll get a new shirt featuring a different make and model.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving!  They won’t have to worry about getting grease on their shirt.  If they ruin one, more will be coming.

Model Car Set

Whether they love modern Corvettes or muscle cars of the 60s, you can find a model car set that fits their preference.  Purchase the model cars along with a display case or shelf they can hang in their home or office.  Start a trend and get them a different set each holiday season.

Cleaning Supplies

Car enthusiasts love to keep their machines shiny and clean.  However, aside from the elbow grease needed, it requires a good deal of financing to keep the car looking new.  Buy them wax, spray to clean the interior, and cloths that help dry yet won’t scratch the car’s exterior.

Steering Wheel Cover

It’s the small details that make a big difference.  The steering wheel is a major component of the interior.  Be sure the car owner feels like a proper commander with a stylish and unique wheel cover.

Car Cufflinks

Grease monkeys love getting dirty under the hood but they also step out for nights on the town or wear formal clothes to day jobs.  Buy your car lover a set of car cufflinks, so even though they are looking formal, onlookers will know they’d rather be under the hood of a hotrod.

Car Cover

Ideally, car lovers keep their machines in a garage.  But they may have several vehicles or reserve space in a garage for repairs and upgrades.  Therefore, help ensure external elements don’t get the better of the car’s exterior.  Buy them a car cover they can use daily to guard their ride from rain, snow, debris, and rust.

Smart Device Cable

It’s against the law to talk on the phone or manipulate a smart device while the car is in drive.  Get your car lover a cable and stand that keeps the phone charged and easily accessible.  They may push around a model from the sixties or seventies but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to introduce modern-day technologies.

The above suggestions are not just practical gifts for car lovers.  They prove to the recipient that you care enough to recognize their affinity for automobiles and automotive inspiration.

Amy Morrison is a nanny and a mom of 3. She enjoys sharing her insights and ideas online. Her posts mainly appear on lifestyle blogs.