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Award Winning Makeup From CEW Review

Award Winning Makeup

Women want to look their best, so buying award winning makeup is something we are interested in.  Advertising is a powerful too, especially when you aren’t familiar with a company or a new product from an industry giant.  I am really bad about keeping up with what is hot and new and in fashion as far as makeup goes.  I usually find my makeup products at the local retail chain store and it drives my daughter crazy!  Chelsea keeps telling me I need to be more in touch with not only what is new, but what will last, is made well and lastly, what is hot at that time.  I also admit I hardly ever consider my husband when I am buying cosmetics and skin care.  My husband has really sensitive skin but yet I still don’t think I am thinking about that when I am shopping for beauty and skin products.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization of more than 4,500 executives in the men and women’s beauty, cosmetic and fragrance industries.  CEW helps women with professional development, networking, and access to leaders in the industry and many other areas of growth.  I like the fact the membership in the CEW is made up of leaders that are multi-generational and represents all levels within the company structure.  Although CEW is based in NYC; it has associations in France as well as the UK.  CEW also supports the organization Cancer and Careers, which is a resource for employees that are trying to find a balance between work and their cancer.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

I have decided to start looking for beauty and skin care products for men and women so my husband won’t feel left out anymore!  I was lucky to review three products from the winners of the 18th Annual CEW Beauty Insider’s Choice Awards which were held on 5/18/2012.  I chose the Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15, Color Design Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 Shadow and Liner Palettes by Lancome and The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp with Light Aromatic Essential Oils After-Shave Lotion, all of which were finalists in the recent awards show.  My husband really liked the after have lotion.  He shaves every day, and I know shaving causes mild trauma to the skin and needs something to sooth it.  The fragrance is really crisp and bight and he said it “smelled ok” which means good!  My daughter was given the tinted lip treatment because she is just beginning to wear make-up and I thought a tinted gloss was perfect for an almost 14 year old “grown up” (as she says!!).  It has just a hint of color and it is perfect for her.  I love the Lancome eye shadows because it has some really pretty earthy tones, which are what I usually wear.  I love the way they go on so smoothly and they lasted through an entire afternoon and evening when we had a party here recently.

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