Babies Bedtime Toy

Babies Bedtime Toy

Did or do your baby have a babies bedtime toy that helped them sleep? Henry had “Baby”, a small blanket with satin trim and a cute animal in the middle. He named it Baby and that thing went EVERYWHERE, and when I say EVERYWHERE, I mean can’t even go from room to room without dragging it behind him (like Linus and his blanket from Peanuts). He lost his baby on a shopping trip and we didn’t realize it until we got home.  When he woke up from a nap on the ride home, he was hysterical, so my husband went to the store and replaced it.  We told him we found “Baby” and he looked it up and down, grabbed it and said “Not Baby, this is Udderone Baby (other one!!). I know…too stinking cute. Well, with all that said, I know how important a friend to sleep with can be to a child.

I was looking for a blanket friend like Baby and Udderone baby for a friend who was expecting her first baby. I came across a really great store that has been providing babies clothing and accessories since 1965. Vitamins Baby has an extremely high standard, which is immediately evident when you see their high quality products. You can find a large selection of items for babies and toddlers alike as well as precious preemies. One popular addition to the Vitamins Baby line is their 2-piece Blankie buddies (valued at $16.00). These friendly little animals are just what your baby needs to have the sweetest dreams. It sure would have saved me a huge headache had Baby and Udderone Baby had been sold as a set!

Make Bedtime Easier

If your baby a soft friend next to him it may make bedtime easier. Some parents choose not to or have not had success with using anything for their babies at nap or bedtime. I can only speak for myself, but it was a huge help to us. My review for Vitamins Baby was one of the 2-piece blanket buddy sets and they are so adorable. The picture cannot justify how huggable they are in person. I know my friend had used a bedtime helper for her oldest child, who is now 8. I thought giving her a little baby a little buddy would be the perfect gift and I was right! She absolutely loved it and said she put it in the crib the first night she brought her new son home. If you are looking for well-made clothing and accessories for yourself or as a gift, Vitamins Baby has a great selection for you.

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