Baby Bond sent me their Baby Bond Couture for review. This is a must have item for nursing mama’s! I have nursed both girls. With my first daughter I spent most of her first year in the car or bedroom nursing her. By the second one, I got a little smarter. I found nursing covers that tie around your neck. I live in Florida and it is hot pretty much all year round. Having a big blanket/ nursing cover over my daughter’s entire body made both of us super sweaty by the end of the feeding. By the third baby, I will have gotten even smarter because I found the Baby Bond Couture. The Baby Bond Couture is discrete way for nursing your baby without having to cover the baby’s entire body but it still covers your breasts.

The BabyBond Couture is a long piece of fabric that goes over your shoulder and ties at your waist or it can be worn around your belly and tied at the waist. The fabric separates like a nursing top, creating a nursing shield, meaning your mommy’s parts are covered but your baby’s body isn’t. I also love that with the BabyBond Couture it can be worn from the top or the bottom of your shirt. The BabyBond Couture I received is perfect because it comes in one size. I don’t know about you, but I tend to a gain a lot of weight while pregnant. The size of my body right after having a baby is completely different size months later. I love how this cover  is designed to fit all body’s. There have also been numerous times where I have lent or borrowed a cover up from someone so this is perfect that I can share with my nursing friends.  The Couture comes in 5 different colors, I choose the black. It is also machine washable! To purchase the BabyBond Couture it can be directly purchased through their on-line website for $35.

BabyBond has also created two other nursing covers that are similar to the BabyBond Couture. The BabyBond Original is worn as a sash and has a double layer terry velour burp cloth. The BabyBond Flex is similar to the BabyBond Original except it has a detachable terry velour burp cloth. You must check these yourself and see what best suites you. The BabyBond is a perfect for nursing mama or a great gift for a nursing friend.

You can win of these nursing covers as part of the In Honor of the Tatas package on October 21 to 24