Baby K'Tan

The Baby K’ Tan Baby Carrier is the best thing since sliced bread and I know my sister-in-law and several friends would agree with me. I was so excited when Baby K’Tan contacted me for a review. I have had my Baby K’Tan for over a year and I have always wanted to buy a second one. Why you may ask, because I need one in my car and one in my house, or one for me to use and one for my husband to use. It may sound crazy, but if you had one, would you understand. I never like to be caught without my Baby K’Tan.

Both of my daughter’s have been high maintenance babies; had colic and reflux. I tried several carriers with my daughter Ava and nothing really was all that comfortable. I was recommend this carrier right before I had Paige. I bought it, hoping it wouldn’t disappoint as the last few carriers had. The Baby K’Tan was the best baby item I have ever bought. As soon as my high maintenance little gal got fussy, I put her right in and she was a happy little gal (still the same case at 14 Months); Same with my niece. My sister-in-law and I have both recommended this to so many people and they have always come back saying they absolutely loved it!

The Baby K’Tan can be worn in several different ways. I had done all six positions. The book is great, it shows pictures and tell you how to wear your baby. When Paige was a new baby, I wore her in the Kangaroo position, meaning more as a sling. I was even able discretely breast feed her which was an added bonus. As she grew, I did more of the hug position; her body facing mine. She was able to sleep better this way. She now rides in the adventure position, facing out. Anyone that knows me has sure to have seen me carry Paige around in this carrier. My older daughter Ava is such a peanut weighing only 25pd so she has even gotten a ride in the Baby K’Tan when she is sleepy (that’s why its nice for my husband to have one). This carrier holds up to 35pds, is 100% natural cotton and washes up very nicely! A great new feature about the Baby K’Tan I just received is it comes the added wrap support which goes around baby’s chest is also a cotton bag, perfect for traveling! The Baby K’Tan also comes with matching baby hat and sash.

The Baby K’Tan comes in size XS-XL and it sold in classic, breeze, and natural organic. I have the classic for both of the Baby K’Tans I own. The one I received is black and the one I bought over a year ago is pink. There are several different colors to choose from and range in price from $62.99-$73.99. Check out their online store to purchase your own Baby K’Tan. They are even offering a 10% code to Makobi Scribe readers. The code is MAKOBI and it is good through September 30, 2011. You too, could be ranting and raving like me about the Baby K’Tan.

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