As a part-time nurse and a full-time Mommy, I do find myself away from the kids a couple times a week to work at the hospital.  My daughter started daycare this June, at only 10 months old.  She hasn’t started walking yet, which means crawling is her primary means of transportation these days!  But by the end of an eight hour day at daycare, her poor little legs were so red and sore from the carpeting.  In an effort to cushion her soft, delicate knees, I had resorted to putting her in onesies and long cotton pants to protect her legs.  This seemed like the perfect solution, until the fifth diaper change of the day, after realizing that you need to unbutton her onesie and take off her pants everytime you change her!  Way too frustating and time consuming and by the end of the day (at both home and daycare), the pants came off!

I was so excited when I connected with Baby Legs and received their products to review.  I received two pairs of leg warmers (Scandia and Honeycomb) as well as a pair of tights (Grandma’s Favorite) and socks (Polka Stripe).  I am in love with the patterns;  bright, colorful and so versatile that they will work with a variety of outfits.   I tested out The Scandia Leg Warmers first and paired it with a simple white onesie!!  And the Leg Warmers did exactly what I hoped they would do, protect Reagan’s knees and legs while crawling around and playing.  They made diaper changing a breeze and I look forward to continuing to use them for potty training!  The socks I received are knee highs and looked adorable paired with a denim skirt!  I can’t wait to try out the tights when we make our annual trip up to Georgia this winter.  They will be perfect for keeping her legs warm, while still being able to keep her in dresses!  Live down south like me?  Baby legs are also great for sun protection, especially down in year round sunny Florida!!  Don’t you wish you were a baby again so you can try these things out?  Well adults can rock them to!  Use them as an extra layer of warm under clothes and jackets or as a funky accessory to spice up any outfit!!

Make sure you keep in touch with Baby Legs on Facebook for the latest styles!!


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