Baby Hip Hugger

I had the opportunity to review a new style of carrier for my little ones.  The Baby Nari Baby Hip Hugger is the coolest thing I have ever seen.  I am guilty of picking up the kids and throwing them on my hip.  It’s so uncomfortable for me and for them, not to mention it kills my back.  It also doesn’t do anything for my posture either.  So when I received my baby hip hugger I was eager to try it out.  I read all the instructions before I started, which were very easy to understand.  Then I put it on, and was amazed at how easy it was and within less than a minute I had the baby seated. They can face towards you if you put them on the side or face out if you have them in front of you.  It literally takes all the pressure off having to hold their weight, you just support their back or stomach with your arm.  The baby was very happy and seemed very comfortable.  I didn’t have to keep readjusting her like I have to do when I am just holding her.  It was awesome!

My husband got in on the action as well.  He is not a big fan of baby carriers, actually he has flat-out refused to even try them on!  So when he put the baby hip hugger on I about died (especially since the one I have is pink)!!  He’s a pretty big guy and the strap adjusted great to fit him and was very comfortable on him as well.  He thought this was a  really cool idea and said he wouldn’t mind using this carrier.  I was floored…but happy!  So Baby Nari you have done a great job making this carrier user-friendly for Mom’s and Dad’s of all shapes and sizes!
baby nari
Some of the cool features include pockets on the inside of the baby hip hugger for keys, money or a phone.  Plus on the outside of the seat there is a large pocket for storage, it fits a travel pack of wipes, a couple of diapers, a toy and some snacks. There is also a mesh pocket for a small sippy cup.  So I can be totally hands free of a diaper bag or purse, which makes this Mama very happy.  I can’t wait to use mine when we go on our annual trip to Disney World in the fall.  It’s going to be perfect for waiting in line with my little one and I wont have to drag the diaper bag with us in every line and ride.  I can take the most important things with me and virtually be hands free…I am beyond excited for that.   The baby hip hugger is also perfect for those little trips, like running my oldest daughter into preschool.  You can purchase a baby hip hugger for $ 79.99.  They come in a variety of colors including: beige, black, blue jean, brown, pink and red.  You can also find them on Facebook.  Use coupon code – Babynari for $20 off your purchase.

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