There sure was a lot of trial and error going on at my house when my little girl was born.  It was a totally new experience for me and one I wasn’t quite sure I’d know how to manage.  I did, but it was touch and go for a little while.  I had to consult website after website and book after book about quite a few different things.  If only there had been a site that had all the information I needed in an easy to access manner, things may have run smoother.

While it may not be of much help to me now, I’ve finally found somewhere that can help parents that are experiencing the frustration that I did.  Baby Steps is truly an amazing thing to behold.  It features loads and loads of useful information for parents with babies of all ages.  It can help you with finding the right baby food for your baby and it can help you out with some diaper changing tips.  If you aren’t sure if you need to take your baby to the doctor, Baby Steps can help you make that decision.  Chock full of information and videos, I can’t recommend that you visit them enough.