BernardAnthonyIn honor of  I Don’t Know How She Does It starring Sarah Jessica Parker as a busy working mom struggling to do it all, Eversave is partnering with blogs & Audrey McClelland of and author of the new book, “The Digital Mom Handbook” to bring you the Back-to-Beauty Blog Carnival Giveaway. What do you do to accomplish it all? My biggest thing I do is not to sweat the small stuff. I f I do not get the house clean, So what? It just gets messy again, so I can still clean it. When I’m feeling stressed or over-worked I like to take a little “me time.” What this usually entails is me dropping the two little  sweet children of mine (Ha! They are what I need a break from) at my grandma’s or mom’s house and high-tailing it to the salon. Nothing beats a mani-pedi session! I just love how relaxing it is to sit back, relax, and let someone pamper me. Everyone loves to have their feet rubbed especially when I am chasing kids all day on tile floors. It seems like I am right in line with the average mom!

Did you know Eversave surveyed over 700 moms and 35% said they find time for themselves once a month and their preferred way to spend that time is pampering themselves with manicures, pedicures, facials and other spa treatments.

300_HidingStuffInOvern_2011Have you ever done this? I have never hidden things in the oven, but I am famous for showing stuff in the back room and garage! Where do you hide things?

So what does all this mean to you and me? The deal for Fort Myers (where I live) tomorrow is to Bernard Anthony Salon. I am giving away a package of 2 to for one reader (so you can enjoy some “me time” with a friend). Psssst…take me!!

In celebration of moms who “do it all” we’re featuring a Back-to-Beauty Day promotion with spa-centric deals across all markets to help moms save money and enjoy some quality “me time”.

Online: $6 for $12 worth of nail shields from FabulousNails
NYC: $29 mani-pedi from Eden’s Salon
DC:$50 mani-pedi from Yvonne’s Day Spa

We asked more than 700 moms “how do you do it all?” 90% lie awake at night thinking about their to-do list. Only 35% find time for themselves, with their preferred way to spend time being pampering.

Take advantage of our Back-to-Beauty deals. You’ve earned it!

Fort Myers Deal Details:

  • $29 for a mani-pedi from Bernard Anthony Salon ($75 value)
  • Save over 60% on a mani-pedi while you enjoy a luxuriant Nutrient Manicure and a Whirlpool Pedicure
  • Bernard Anthony Salon uses Nailtiques nail products & you can upgrade to a French manicure or Shellac
  • Eversave Extras Alert! Book a second mani-pedi at full price and get $5 in Save Rewards
  • New members will get this deal enter price – $3 for when they use their $3 credit
If you don’t live in Fort Myers, check out Eversave for the deal near you!