What better way to celebrate going back to school then with a hop! I also cannot think of a better company to do it with either! Frecklebox has all the back to school gear and personalized too! Last season, Jakobi got his Monster lunchbox and loved it so much! It is still in just as good of shape now as it was when it arrived. As a matter of fact, Mason loves Jakobi’s lunch box so well, we just had to get him a matching one to tote around like his big brother! Of course since Jakobi wanted something in the mail too, we ordered him a coordinating clipboard so he can do his art on-the-go without little brother grabbing his papers. Win – Win! Now both of my kiddos get to play like they are going to school with sturdy lunchboxes. I know if my boys can play with them toting cars and rocks, they will definitely stand up to a years full of lunches. You can purchase personalized lunch boxes right now for $29.95 just in time for school.

freckleboxOne of the neatest things I love about Frecklebox is their wide variety of  personalized gifts you can choose from. You can get matching folders, spiral notebooks, stickers, coloring books and now even binders. They just launched their new coordinating personalized binders, so your kiddo can go to school in snazzy style!  You can purchase a binder with any name you choose for $26.95. The designs are so cute, you will not have a problem picking out the perfect thing for your child to last through the school year.

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