I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zappos.com. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

back to school shopping with zappos

I am so excited to announce that I was named a Zappos.com Ambassador and I seriously could not be happier! Aidan just started a new preschool, and I’m seven months pregnant in August. Normally, I am a shopping queen. I love shopping! But right now, the thought of loading Aidan in the car, getting the stroller and diaper bag together and then actually battling the back to school crowds makes me cringe. It’s 97 degrees outside, raining at random times throughout the day and my stomach keeps getting in the way. I think I would rather have a root canal! Shopping online at Zappos.com is totally the mom solution that I needed!

back to school shopping

Why You Should Use Zappos.com For Back To School Shopping:

  • Fast and Free Shipping, always!
  • One stop shop for all the brands that you love!
  • Customer Service 24/7

As an ambassador, I was given a set budget to purchase all of Aidan’s school items. My husband, Chris, is very opinionated about what Aidan wears, so I was sure to include him once I logged on to Zappos.com. Chris had never heard of Zappos.com and was shocked at the selection they offered. I had heard of them, but only to purchase shoes for myself. It had never occurred to me to purchase for Aidan! I was suprised while going through the selection of kids clothing, shoes and accessories. Zappos.com has great stuff for kids! I was able to get a few pairs of Nike shoes, a Tommy Hilfiger outfit and still had money left for more!

What I Purchased From Zappos.com:

We were able to find everything from the hard to find and stylish low cut socks for kids to Nike shoes that my husband is totally jealous of! Aidan looks like a handsome little stud in his back to school Tommy Hilfiger outfit, and loves his new backpack! Shopping on Zappos.com was definitely a life saver, especially considering I was able to log on after bed time when the house was quiet, all while drinking a cup of warm herbal tea. How much better can back to school shopping really get than that? Still have some back to school shopping of your own to get done? Take my advice and head over to Zappos.com to finish up your kids’ back to school wish list! Be sure you are following Zappos.com on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their Pinterest boards for tons of great back to school outfit ideas!

What’s your favorite way to shop for your kid’s back to school supplies?