back to school with leappad 3

Going back to school can be a stressful time for everyone, especially for your child. Just the thought of new teachers, new routines and new friends can be enough to make the transition from a lazy and relaxing summer into hectic school season. Aidan still has one more year before he is officially old enough for Florida’s 4 year old VPK program. We decided that we needed to get his foot in the door at the school that we really love, so we decided to enroll him in their 3 year old program. Aidan’s new school is a Montessori school, focusing heavily on individualized learning and psychological self-construction. Since Aidan will be joining many other children who have been attending the school since birth, Chris and I spent some time preparing ourselves and our son on his first days at his new school.

get ready to go back to school

5 Back To School Tips

  1. Sleep Routine: This is one of the most difficult habits for anyone to break, let alone children. Sleep and academic success are heavily linked, so it is important to get your kids into a school sleep routine before their first week of school. We slowly pushed Aidan’s bedtime back a little bit each night until it was a full hour before his usual time.
  2. Create A Calendar: Before school activities, after school activities, athletics, clubs and every other obligation that comes along with the new school year can become overwhelming. Once your annual school calendar is released, take some time to review it and add any obligations to your calendar. It might help to also include parent drop off and pick up on this calendar is your student won’t be taking the bus.
  3. Plan Lunches: Most schools will release a school lunch menu ahead of time. Take some time to review this menu to ensure the foods being served will fit in with your child’s diet. If they do not, plan a weekly menu for your child, packing lunches a few days in advance.
  4. Select A Wardrobe: Scrambling for clothes the morning of is never fun. Plan your child’s wardrobe for at least a week at a time. This will ensure clean, matching clothes for your child and lessen the stress of having to put an outfit together at the last minute.
  5. Give Them A Head Start: Give your child the start they deserve by working with them to create a plan for their success. This will include keeping their mind fresh over the summer with games and other learning activities. Set aside some time each week to sit down with your child to review materials for the next school year and make a plan to read a number of books in the next reading level.

When we first enrolled Aidan in to preschool we asked the director what his new curriculum would consist of. He was going to be working on shapes, colors, numbers, letters and would begin writing his name. He would also be doing fun 3 year old things, too. While we are ahead of the game with shapes and colors, we knew that Aidan was going to need some extra help with his numbers and letters. Getting out the crayons and scratch paper can be fun, but we really needed something more engaging for him. We are big fans of LeapFrog learning tablets. We own the LeapPad Ultra and LeapsterGS Explorer. They are educational and easy for kids Aidan’s age to use.  We received the LeapFrog LeapPad 3 for free as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog.

The LeapPad 3 is a perfect step up from the previous model. I have to say that my absolute favorite features of this new tablet are it’s size and weight and it’s padded stylus tip. The new padded stylus tip is a true screen saver when it comes to the younger kids who may get frustrated and hit the screen too hard out of frustration. It’s quad-core processor, rechargeable batteries and WI-FI make it very mom and kid friendly. The LeapFrog LeapPad 3 can be found on LeapFrog’s online store for just $99! The video below shows Aidan’s reaction when I brought his new learning tablet out for him to see for the first time!

How do you get your kids ready to go back to school?