Gutzy Gear

My boys just fell in love with their backpacks all over again.  I had no idea Gutzy Gear would be such a big hit.  Gutzies customize your backpack into your very own personal statement.  My kids have so much fun trading their Gutzies back and forth and creating new patterns and flare to show off.  With such a wide selection of Gutzy Patches to choose from you can always find that special Gutzy.

The starter kit ( retail price $9.99) includes 2 backpack strap covers and 1 Gutzy Patch.  The backpack strap covers are a soft material that wraps around your backpack or tote bag strap.  Once in place you take your Gutzy Patch and stick it on.  The patches have a Velcro backing which allows for easy trading, swapping, or adding more Gutzies to your collection.  Gutzies come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  You can find the entire collection at Gutzy Gear.

Backpack strap decorations

Gutzy Gear is spreading the word about their fantastic product and has a special offer available to all followers.  If any follower purchases a package of Gutzies ( retail price $3.99-$5.99) and sends a copy of the receipt, or a picture of your child showing off that special Gutzy, they will receive an exclusive Gutzy Gear Patch that is not available in stores.  Wow,  your very own exclusive Gutzy Patch!  How cool is that.  Gutzy Gear is adding to your collection with you.  All you have to do is email with your receipt or picture and have the subject line read: “Gutzy Gear BOGO promotion”.  You will also need to include your shipping address so Gutzy Gear knows where to send your free Gutzy!

If your kids are anything like mine they are sure to want more Gutzies.  With so many to choose from I know I’ll have no problem finding stocking stuffers and birthday gifts this year.  Gutzy Gear is a great way to interact with your children and allow them to express their individuality.

You too can join in the fun with your very own Gutzy Gear Starter Set!

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