Backpacks That Are Good For Your Back

Since I injured my back, I have had to really watch things I do. It may seem crazy, but the slightest movement in the wrong direction and I can wrench my back. When I originally suffered the injury, I was working in a hospital while in nursing school. A patient that was well over 300 pounds, fell on me as I was trying to help him to the bathroom. Even though I was “healed”, it never was quite the same. What got me to see a pain specialist and have a series of over 100 steroid injections over a 3 year period was vacuuming. Yes, just running the vacuum cleaner while cleaning the house. I moved the wrong way and my back went out and that was all she wrote. Now I am very careful, lift, bend and twist the way my doctor has instructed and do nothing crazy like jumping on the trampoline! The one thing I struggled with while I was in nursing school was carrying my back pack. With all those heavy books, I was just asking for another injury. Had I had been privy to the amazingly lightweight backpacks from AIRBAC, I would have been just fine!
Backpacks That Are Good For Your Back

Backpacks That Are Good For Your Back

I recently found out that I have osteoarthritis and it runs in my family. This explains why I have had a handful of joint injuries in less than a year. What scares me as a parent is that my kids could have the same condition. What is even scarier is that we do not know what age it could crop up. My 26 year old is showing some signs which means my 14 year old could be close behind. I am going to be proactive instead of reactive and am going to take steps to help Caitlin ward off the disease as long as possible. With the backpacks that are good for your back from AIRBAC, I felt they were an excellent place to start. We were sent the Curve backpack and it is such a great looking bag. Caitlin was thrilled with the hues of purple swirled with white. The backpack is perfect for the younger child or small adult. It has a nice big pocket on the front and several individual compartments inside. There is a place for your tablet, side pockets for your water bottle and is perfect for taking your books from class to class.

The AIRBAC is the creation of Troy Christy, who in 2005, saw that local kids were struggling with their too heavy backpacks. He knew how harmful this would be and he decided to put his inventive mind to work and come up with a backpack that was a better solution. The original prototype of the AIRBAC was a bookbag with a blood pressure cuff sewn in the back. Troy found that when the cuff was pumped with air, the backpack lifted up as well, bringing it to a healthier position on the back. After many revisions, the bag is now a huge hit with hikers,  business people, students and anyone who carries books or equipment on a regular basis. Caitlin and I could not believe the incredible difference in the Airbac and her regular backpack. I feel so good knowing her back is protected from undue stress that a traditional backpack would apply. You can purchase the AIRBAC backpack as well as their full line of bags from their website.

One USA reader will win an AIRBAC Curve ($49.99) in their choice of color (based on availability)


  1. My favorite backpacks have been JanSport but after reading about the AIRBAC Curve I think it could definitely give JanSport a run for it’s money. I liked the long durability of a JanSport but the back is more important. Thanks for providing some food for thought.

  2. I sort of like the “Ring” Backpack. I love to carry a backpack instead of a purse when we travel- it is so much easier on you. And these sound super intriguing!

  3. I love the Journey Back Pack. Oh how I wish they had back packs like this when I was a kid or even when my daughter was younger. I’m sorry to hear you have back issues. I have them also,so I understand how you have to be careful doing things. Thank you 🙂

  4. I like the AIRBAC Curve the kids have to carry so much weight through out the school year I worry about the damage that it will cause to there backs as they get older. The thought of them having a backpack to help prevent that would take a load off my mind!!!!

  5. If were giving it to my niece or nephew i’d choose groovy!!
    Auntie’s a dead head.
    For my self i’d choose Uptown, though i’m more downtown.

  6. My favorite is the Violet Mesh Backpack, matches our school colors, and what a neat idea! thank you

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