Bamboo Products For The Home

Bamboo Products For The Home

I have recently learned about bamboo products for the home.  I did not know there was such a thing!!  I was looking for eco-friendly products and several times while going through different search engines, bamboo kept popping up!  I read that not only is bamboo is all natural but it is organically grown as well. Is that the same thing?  I am still new at this endeavor of mine to go green and treat our planet as well as it has treated me!  I feel comforted knowing I have the ability to make a conscious decision to use items in my home that came from this earth and will be recycled back into this earth when its purpose can no longer be served.

Core Bamboo is one of the industry’s leaders in manufacturing and selling the finest bamboo products on the market.  You can find a plethora of items for your home including a huge variety of kitchen products like cutting board, utensils and the most gorgeous bowls.  You should also check out the exquisite vases in the most wonderful shapes and colors.  All the products from Core Bamboo are made in a safe and responsible environment by like-minded artisans.  Also, I am pleased to announce the induction of Core Bamboo into Kelly’s list of awesome companies that give back.  Core Bamboo has a group of over 2,000 artisans from all over the world that Core Bamboo considers family. Not only do those artisans benefit from working with Core Bamboo, but their families benefit as well.  Core Bamboo gives to charitable causes that have enabled communities to have proper medical care, housing and parks to enjoy.

All Natural Kitchen Utensils

I love that I have many all natural kitchen utensils.  I have been slowly building my collection by adding just 1-2 key items when I can.  I was so excited to review products from Core Bamboo because I love what they stand for and the beautiful products they carry.  I was able to review several items from the Core Bamboo kitchen collection.  I received the 9-piece utensil set ($24.00), which is my favorite, the 7-piece coaster set ($21.00) and two of the 3-piece cutlery sets ($9.00 each), in orange for Henry and Purple for Caitlin.  We absolutely LOVE our Core Bamboo products so much.  The utensil holder fit perfectly on the counter and the kids use their cutlery at almost every meal.  Chelsea was up for a visit and she took the coasters for her new apartment she is moving into next month. She sent me a picture when she got back to Atlanta of the coasters on her table!  Suffice it to say, everyone in the family is very glad we made the acquaintance of Core Bamboo!

One reader will win a 9-piece utensil set with holder ($24.00) from Core Bamboo

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