jenshairI was able to get White Carpet (the equivalent to a red carpet on a black and white film) worthy curls using my Barbar 1200 Curling Iron that lasted throughout the day, night and next day too! Now that is my kind of curling iron. I love it when a curl stays and stays and stays! The iron heats up super quick and can take large sections of hair without it being too bulky. The fact that it is made from tourmaline is an assurance that my hair is safe and won’t overheat. I have had a ton of problems with breakage in the past, so I am very careful about which products I use now.

Barbar 1200 Tourmaline Curling Iron

Put curls in your hair that lasts throughout the day with the Barbar 1200 Tourmaline Curling Iron.  There are four sizes (.75″, 1″, 1.25″ and 1.5″) to choose from – so depending on the length of your hair and how much curl you want your hair to have you can choose the size that fits you best.  One of the best features of this curling iron is that it contains a tourmaline ceramic barrel, which blocks the damaging radiation and protects my hair with a layer of negative ions.  This type of barrel is part of what makes this curling iron professional-grade.  Because of the negative ions with this curling iron, hair is protected from the heat of the iron and allows the hair to be less susceptible to frizz, dullness, and humidity.

The metal plated curling irons can be too harsh on hair because of the positive ions that are produced and essentially cook the hair.  Eventually this will lead to brittle, spit and unmanageable hair.  Also, in contrast to the negative ions of the tourmaline ceramic barrel, the metal plated barrel actually creates frizz and dullness, and makes your hair more nonresistant to humidity.

Temperature Control Curling Iron

The Barbar 1200 is also a temperature control curling iron that can go up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  This feature helps those especially with coarse or thick hair since the higher temperatures will help hold those curls.   Since this curling iron has the temperature control, you can also experiment and see what the lowest temperature is that will create good results.  Being able to expose your hair to minimal heat is always the healthiest of options. Another convenient feature of the Barbar 1200 Tourmaline Curling Iron is its swivel cord.  The swivel cord is a great preventative to a tangled cord while you are in the midst of styling your hair.

BARBAR, Inc. is based in Beverly Hills, CA and has been in operation since 2000.  Since its inception, it has been providing salon professionals and everyday consumers with superior quality products. Stay tuned for the Christmas Hop coming up to win one of these great hair tools!