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Barbecue Ready Fresh From Florida Recipes


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I have lived in Florida long enough to consider myself a Floridian. My husband and children are born and raised with their toes in the sand. Not only is Florida known for its incredible sunsets, but Florida is also knows for colorful, locally grown food. In fact, farm to table and water to table are popular themes at many of our local restaurants. I love knowing where my food comes from. As a mother, it is my goal to provide fresh and healthy foods for my family. With warm weather upon us, summer barbecues are just around the corner. Some of my favorite Fresh From Florida fruits and vegetables are now in season and ripe for picking, including blueberries, watermelon, sweet corn, and tomatoes! Checking out the Fresh From Florida Website, I came across a handful of amazing recipes that will be perfectly served at my next barbecue with family and friends!

5 Barbecue Ready Fresh From Florida Recipes

  1. Florida Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salsa
  2. Cheddar-Bacon Florida Sweet Corn
  3. Florida Shrimp and Sweet Pepper Skewers
  4. Citrus Dream Milkshake
  5. Florida Blueberry Parfait

I absolutely love that I can buy all of the ingredients needed for each of these recipes locally at farmers markets. I can even go to my local grocery stores and be confident that the produce I am buying is coming straight from Florida and possibly even from the same county where I reside! Not only do Fresh From Florida recipes help my family stay healthy, but they support the local farmers and community. This is a huge win-win in my book! I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes during our upcoming summer cookouts! Each time I’ve visited the grocery store, the huge displays of fresh Florida sweet corn have drawn me in. I will be featuring a yummy recipe in my next Fresh From Florida post, so stay tuned!

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