Some of my favorite moments with my children involve reading.  Late night cuddle sessions with each one wrapped under my arm, reading and exploring a new book.  It brings me so much joy to read to my kids and see how much they get out of it.  My almost four year old son, Tate,  loves books and his teachers tell me that they often find him sitting in a corner “reading” to himself.  And to anyone who knows my crazy energentic son, this says a lot.  It shows how powerful a book can be, even to a non-reader.  Books give us a break from the hustle bustle of everyday life and gives us a reason to stop, sit and enjoy each other.

Thats why I was excited to open the package from Barefoot Books today.  I knew that this would mean another evening of some quiet time with my family.    My son’s eyes lit up when he saw the two books that they had sent for my review, “Driving my Tractor” by Jan Dobbins and David Sim and “I Could Be, You Could Be” by Karen Owen and Barroux.  Both the books kept us engaged with bright pictures and simple story lines, perfect for my young children!

Before we even opened the cover, “Driving my Tractor” was an instant hit with my son!  He loves anything involving tractors or trucks so he was excited to jump right in and start reading!  The book takes you through the day of a busy farmer and all the different animals he encounters.  The book also includes all the different equipment that they use on the farm to plant and harvest the crops.  And it includes pictures of all the different crops that are grown on the farm and what time of the year they are harvested!  There is also a sing-along CD with music by Steve Songs that both my kids loved!

I am always on the lookout for books that encourage and promote self-esteem so I loved that this book taught kids that “the best thing I could ever be is ME!”  “I Could Be, You Could Be”  lets kids use their imagination and be different things, from “an astronaut zooming into space” to “a dolphin swimming in the sea”.  There are instructions in the back of the book for mask making using recycled materials!

Barefoot Books offers an endless supply of childrens books from ages birth to 12 yrs+!   The quality of their books is amazing and they have such a great variety of topics that you will find something to fit any child in your life!!  They also have their books organized by age groups to make your shopping experience even easier!!  Please visit their Facebook page to keep updated on the latest products!


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