Bath luvIf you have an infant, you know that bath time can be a frustrating time for baby and Mommy.  I have been introduced to the Bath Luve, its a large cloth covering to drape on baby to keep them warm during bath time.  We all know that infants (most of them that is) hate bath time because we strip them down naked and place them in a tub of warm water.  Then proceed to pour water over them and as this takes place the cool air of the bathroom gets to them and they start to cry because they are cold (and we wonder why are they crying).  Well an inventive Mommy came up with the solution and hence the Bath Luve was born.  Its a cloth that covers the baby from from their shoulders to the private parts (arms and legs can roam free) dimensions are 14″x10″.  You place the baby in the tub, soak Bath Luve in warm water and place it over the baby to keep them warm while you are washing them.  The bathing experience is much more pleasurable with a happy warm baby.

I used the Bath Luve on my 9-month-old daughter and it worked like a charm.  She is not a fan of bath time and to be honest I am not either but now it’s so nice…she stays warm and cozy and I get to enjoy giving her a bath.  She loves the colors, we have the fish and she loves to play with the fin of the fish (she’s really into textures and I think the soft terry cloth is a big hit).  The great thing about this is once your child gets older, you can use it as a washcloth so its very versatile (I love dual purpose items).

The Bath Luve comes in 3 different but equally cute designs (frog, fish and duck).  They are very affordable at about $6.99 each.  Bath Luve also carries what they call the Bath Luve buddy a plush toy for the bath (which comes in the same designs as the Bath Luve) and they also carry a line of towels and washcloth’s. All of the items are 100% cotton and machine washable!
If you know someone having a baby, this is a must item and what a nice gift.  I am all about themed gifts especially for baby showers, you can get a Bath Luve, Bath Luve buddy, Towel and Washcloth set put it in a basket and you have a wonderful gift that will be cherished and used for years to come!  You can purchase these items from their Bath Luve as well as Kohl’s stores, Babies R Us and  Their blog is also pretty cool as well and worth checking out for sure!


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