In most bathrooms from around the world, space is limited. This is because many contractors just make these rooms small. You cannot do much about the actual square footage of the bathroom unless you make large renovations. Fortunately, you do not really need to. There are many different things that you can do and make the entire space look a lot more glamorous without having to contact Canberra plumbing service professionals to make pipe changes. Some of the interesting ideas to consider are the following.

Install Trough Sinks

A trough sink stands out as a great option when space is limited as it is clean and narrow. It works great since it has a very low profile. If you mount these on a wall, floor space is freed up. You can use that extra space for extra foot traffic opportunities or simply to store something that you did not have space for till now.

Buy Vanities With Shelves

Modern pedestal design is a lot smarter than it used to be. You can actually buy a pedestal style vanity that includes a shelf, which was not at all a possibility in the past. That extra shelf can easily hold a basket to store toilet paper or a shelf.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Few homeowners consider this but it is an option that frees up space and makes the bathroom look different. Mount a wall faucet so that you can utilize a narrower vanity or sink. Square footage is automatically freed up. This is true even in the event that the design style of the bathroom is traditional. Simply put, wall-mounted faucets simply work anywhere.

Add Corner Sinks

The corner sink is an option that is rarely considered simply because people do not realize how useful it is. There are many cases in which something as common as the pedestal sink is capable of disrupting the traffic lane that is present inside a bathroom.

Use the corner sink and try to place it right opposite your toilet. This always works a lot better than the alternative of having the sink placed across your shower. Speaking about showers, be careful with how the door opens since this often creates strange walk-around conditions.

Use Larger Scale Patterns

Larger scale patterns are pretty useful because they will trick your eye and make you think there is more space available. Square footage does remain the same but the larger-scale patterns will make the bathroom feel a lot bigger.

Remove The Shower Door

This is something that few homeowners consider but it is a wonderful idea to make the bathroom look great. In the event that the bathroom has a width of just 5 feet, you can only add a toilet and a tub that is a maximum of 60 inches. Conditions are definitely really tight so you may want to seriously consider adding a glass panel, not a shower door made out of glass. This keeps water inside the shower as you use it but you end up with more elbow room.