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How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weed In Florida

This is my house in Florida. Note the palm trees, the weeds in the yard and the brown grass. Those are the tells it is winter! No snow, just brown grass. You can avoid the brown grass by watering like every other day, a professional lawn service, and a super-high water bill. Oh wait did I mention the crazy water restrictions we have, so you need to install your own well! When I say grass, please note I use the term loosely as my yard is composed mainly of dollar weed and clover. You will also note if you look closely, the green "grass" is the weeds!

Now once the rains start to fall, everything changes. You can set your watch by the rain. Every day at 4:15 pm it is guaranteed to rain for 15 minutes. Sometimes in the front yard, sometimes in the back, but rarely both at the same time. Florida is weird like that. Then your grass will get all green and grow so fast you need to mow twice a week to keep up! When I say grass, again I mean dollar weed and clover. You mow, you spread, and the cycle is never ending.

Greenhouse in backyard

My family is in the yard often. We have a screened in back porch, a fire pit, fenced in yard, and a greenhouse project I just started. The kids have a playground as well, so grass would be really nice. Our home was a model home when the neighborhood was built, fully equipped with a beautiful St. Augustine lawn (which the weed killer we used killed) Ugh!


Most weed killers kill the lawns we have here. Because of the sandy soil, the popular lawns are sometimes classified as "weeds" to the "weed killer" Thank goodness for Scotts Turf Builder. Bonus S is a lawn care product designed just for my lawn!

 photo 74e4e177-b624-4a34-a9f8-d350e82554f1_zps817e35b6.jpg

The formula is guaranteed to clear out dollarweed and clover and is coming to the shelves this spring to two Florida markets. One market, Jacksonville, and lucky me the other is Ft. Myers! 

This new and improved formula controls 82% more weeds, but the best part is that it safe for the major southern grass types including St. Augustine grass, Floratam, Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, Seashore, and Buffalo grass. The really neat thing about Florida grass is the spreading capability (which is why it might be viewed as a weed), so I am looking forward to receiving the Bonus S formula and getting my green lawn back.

You can follow along the progress of my lawn and gardening projects at #MakobiGreenhouse. I would love to hear what weeds you battle!

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