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Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Fort Myers Beach, Florida – 5 Reasons We Love It!

I love living in Florida. The weather is perfect for outdoor play year-round. I’m native born, so the heat doesn’t affect me as much as most. In the dead heat of summer you can set your watch with the afternoon rain, so it always cools down eventually! Each park has it’s own individual appeal for our family, but this year, the family favorite is one of our local parks in Fort Myers Beach, Florida Bay Oaks Recreational Campus. It’s a hidden local spot and on a Sunday afternoon you are apt to get the whole place to yourself before the ball games start. Our most recent trip illustrates pretty well what my family loves most about the Bay Oaks Rec Campus!

Frisbee Golf: Crazy fun sport. It doesn’t matter how old you are or even if you are playing. The walk-around while watching people trying to get a disc in a basket is loads of fun!

A Great Place To Commune With Nature: Some call it quirky. I call it down to earth. Literally. Mason was caught telling a story to the tree. I get it. I listen more often than talk, but I am a long-time tree hugger. Teaching your kids to love and commune with  nature whenever they can is always a good idea.

Perfect Place For Spinning Yarns: A favorite childhood memory of mine was going camping and telling stories. Not the spooky ones at night around the fire, but the ones about the land, learning about nature, the ones you pass on to your children.

Visit the Land Of Make Believe: Kids (who am I fooling – adults too!) just don’t get outside enough anymore. What happened to playing pretend and conquering the evil villains of the land. Too many kids play make-believe inside with computers and video games and note enough time creating stories and expanding their imagination.

Great Place For Exercise: Humans and dogs alike need to get out and stretch their legs once in a while! Fresh air and fun always help exercise not seem like exercise!

The Trust for Public Land helps to protect our lands and parks. I don’t know about you, but having a local park is VERY important to me! We go Geocaching, manatee watching, do yoga, and plenty more.

The Trust for Public Land creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. We protect the places people care about and create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities, where 80% of Americans live.

Join me & create a postcard sharing why nature matters to you! You can do so right here! I love parks because you can always have a fun day! Rain or shine!

Learn more by watching the video below:

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